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Moga vicitim cremated over 4000 cops watch – Close door talks with victims father, suspected intimidation. Where is Modi and his tall claims of women safety.

Cremation03.05.15MOGA (Punjab): The powerful Badals the ruling family of Pujab in nexus with its partner in Govt BJP seems to have succeed in putting to end the five day long protests and demands for naming the Dy CM of Punjab Sukhbir Badal whose company Orbit Aviation owns the bus in which the victims were molested leading to killing of a teenage girl after throwing her from running bus.

A close door meeting with the victims father Sukhdev Singh, seems to have led to softening of the stand of the parents, that led to agreement for cremation of the victim, The Dy CM who Sukbir with the parents performed her last rites on Sunday. Ironically she was cremated a day before Moga was to shut down in protest against her gruesome killing.

The 13-year-old girl’s family and the Punjab Police held day-long meeting with the cops trying to contain the political damage to the Badals after the teen’s father, Sukhdev Singh, had rejected the Rs 20 lakh compensation offer by the SAD government, and refused an autopsy unless Sukhbir was booked under charges amounting to death due to negligence.
The compensation amount was revised to Rs 24 lakh and a government statement said the amount would be given by Sukhbir’s firm, Orbit Aviation. News agencies reported Sukhdev, who works as a class four employee in a private firm, would also get a government job.

The cremation took place under the watch of more than 4,000 cops, even as villagers and opposition leaders, who had gathered there, attacked the government for resorting to coercive tactics. The victims wanted to be a police officer her self and to fight growing insecurity of women and atrocities on them. When she was molested and pushed mercilessly to get killed from a running bus not police man nor the passengers traveling in the ill fated bus came to her rescue. Some thing is seriously wrong with our society. Was it the fear of Badals who owned Orbit Aviation, none of the passengers raised alarm and rushed to save the girl. is’nt this the very ugly side of our political parties.

Although none of the Badal family members was present at the cremation, government officials confirmed that the CM had met the girl’s father at a rest house in the evening. Meeting of poor father a 4 grade employee in Punjab govt. with the all powerful and mighty Badal CM could be a move to silence the demand for justice to the victim for ever. Was intimidation, power, money and threat were the magic tools used by Badals to silence political turmoil in their face.

Swaraj Abhiyan leader Prashant Bhushan who was in Ludhiana demanded judicial intervention in the matter. The stand demand of the protesters for all these days and the family has been  FIR on Badal who owns the Orbit Aviation. In cases of  and Uber incidents the company owners were booked. Yogedner Yadav will meet the victims family today to express his pain.

“My daughter died five days ago. I realised that I must not disrespect her body and it should be cremated so that she can rest in peace,” Sukhdev told reporters after his meeting with the police.

The cremation began amid chanting of hymns by a Sikh priest as the family members and locals carried the hearse and prayed for her. Earlier, her mother, who is under treatment at the hospital, and her father, were packed into a state ambulance to collect her body from the mortuary for autopsy at the neighbouring Guru Gobind Singh Medical College at Faridkot by the police.

The Police have booked four accused, including bus conductor Sukhwinder Singh, his helper Gurmeet and cleaner Amar Ram, have been charged with murder and molestation. Dy CM Sukhbir had on Saturday announced taking all Orbit buses off Punjab’s roads. In a effort to alter the public anger, will the anger subside on killing of innocent teen-aged girl  is the question.

The BJP,  which is partner in Badal Govt in Punjab has serious questions to answer. Modi screamed from top of his voice for security and safety of our daughters mothers and sisters, why the BJP is not coming out in open and condemning the actions  of Badal family, why not the Center Govt take notice of the matter and demand just treatment to ensure justice is done to the victims. Or is it just power and politics for BJP, Modi’s  all screams and promises of women safety, were just empty whistles to fool the people of the nation. Does this not amount to –  BJP and its alleys are ruthless when it comes to protecting the politics and politicians and political families.

The Punjab is suffering from the evils of Badal family, no political party is serious on building pressure on the Badal Govt they give statements and allow situation to precipitate as if you scratch my back i scratch too. This is serious issue of safety of women in public and in confines. We modified and re drafted laws after Nirbhaya incident but are we able to put an end to crimes against women. Hundreds of incidents of this enormity happen in every part of the nation. Hardly few are reported. What about the culture of crime against women under the threat of political and class based nexus in our society. Wake up was Nirbhaya is India fast asleep again when it comes to a weaker gender women. Sad.

“Why did the negotiations take place behind closed doors? It’s clear they were intimidated and pressured,” Earlier, the cousin of the girl’s father and 300 village men had accused Punjab Police of intimidation. Villagers who were part of the action committee also looked unhappy.

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