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Swaraj Samwad conducted at GUWAHATI with high enthusiasm. Press release.

11026033_805204262881406_1332506471949775705_n (1)Press release, Swaraj Abhiya, 01-05-2015
A Swaraj Sambad was Organised by the Sustha Samaj Bikash Chakra, a
non-party intellectual front aiming at establishment of egalitarian
participatory democracy on the occasion of the visit of Professor Yogendra
Yadav, the chief proponent of Alternative politics and a key organizer of
the Swaraj Abhijan, a movement recently started to rekindle the hope of
true democracy and Swaraj in India, in the wake of complete derailment of
parliamentary politics and the anti-people governance that seems to have
engulfed the entire country. Dr. Dinesh Bashya, while delivering the
welcome address said that corporates and their agents are now actively
engaged in dividing the state of India, particularly the workers of
alternative politics. He maintained that it was time that we resist that
trend and that the Swaraj Abhijan started by Yogendra Yadav and his
colleagues can lead us in our efforts at that.
Yogendra Yadav in his address declared that those of us who were here in
Swaraj Abhijan were not here to criticize the follies of one or a few
leaders. He said, “We are not here because of personal differences or
personal ambition. AAP he said had created hope in the minds of hundreds of
thousands of Indians that politics need not necessarily be dirty and that
politics could be creative. Many people who were far away from politics had
come to it giving up their professions and personal ambitions to create
conditions for a better India based on peoples’ participation in democratic
politics, transparency and integrity in public life. The movement generated
a huge stock of energy. He said that that energy was a national wealth that
needed to be used to move towards a better India. The Swaraj Abhijan is an
attempt to bring back the founding principles of AAP to the centre stage of
Indian politics. He argued that the politics of this Abhijan, like all
politics, should engage in five important things:

1 Struggle on the basis of social issue.

2. Constructive work among people , try and solve their problems.

3. Generate ideas

4. Introspect or looking inside

5. Participate in elections

He pointed out that winning elections could not be the only purpose of
politics. Swaraj Abhijan cannot only say that it will initiate alternative
politics but also must prove that truly democratic organization is possible
which will be transparent with public proceedings covered by media, federal
structure, tolerance of democratic dissent without any personality cult and
with a code of conduct that will cover all functionaries without exception.
He proposed establishment of Swarj Kendras in each village. These Kendras
will try and solve the everyday problems of masses or at least guide them
to solve those. The Kendras are to be autonomous voluntary organizations to
be managed by local volunteers. He proposed a Bharat yatra to connect with
people and to learn from them. At the end of the yatra a new agenda for
India should be prepared with consultation with those who have learnt from
the people.

His presentation was followed by comments from the noted intellectual Prof.
Hiren Gohain who argued that the diversity of India needs a truly federal
politics but there indeed are common problems like the problems created by
globalization. He said we need to debate the ways of solving those common
problems. He expressed confidence in the move made by people like Yadav and
Prashant Bhushan and wanted people to participate in this politics.
There were questions and observations from the floor in response to which
Prof. Yadav said that alternative politics is the need of the hour. Making
the presidential remarks Prof. Apurba K Baruah said that the Swaraj Abhijan
and alternative politics need to be carried on. He explained that
alternative politics must be different from the conventional politics of
power seeking, pursuit of self interest, process of patronage and
centralized organization. Instead it must view politics as a means of
serving people. Its process must be based on dedicated work and its
organization must be thoroughly decentralized.

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