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Carvan for Swaraj Samwad Getting Polular – Poltiics does not mean just be in power but to serve first. Samwad reaching North East with bang too.

11209598_10203888815690999_125683895298622258_n (1)Swaraj Abhiayan schedule of Swaraj Samwad in various sates of India. Important and note able message in the schedule of Swaraj Samwads nation wide is Swaraj Abhiaan not just reaches to all corners of the nation to have interaction, dialogue, collet ideas, understand the issues before the nation and the common man of the country.

Develop a large effective force of individuals and youth from all walks of life you are showing impressive passionate connect on how best they can be part of nation build that will lead to Sampoorn Swaraj in the country ultimately.

Swaraj Abhiyan is encouraged has has been keen to take Swaraj Samwad to North Eastern States of India. As can be observed in our schedule for Swaraj Samwad has a prominent meets in states of North East India.

Every political party has given North East and its people much like a step mother. We are here to reach out to each individual of the nation and not just the metros and ignore the rural and the far fetched states and islands.

We have Swaraj Abhian teams and volunteers from J and K too eager to have Swaraj Abhiyan in J and K and connect with the people of their.

This is real national movement, one of its kind when whole nation is on board to support SA.

Our leaders Yogender Yadav,Prashanth Bhushan and  Our Convenor Prof Anand Kumar for Swaraj Abhian are looked as faces of change for nation that is living on just promises and promises with very little accomplished in the real terms on ground for very vast section of nationals.

We welcome on and all we wish to work on issues, understand them on ground and connect with like minded groups and movements in various states to make impacting effort in evolving means and ways of providing strong platform to evolve alternative forms of politics in this country. Politics does not just mean to be in power, politics means to serve too. And we are here to serve self less ly and rightly. Jai Hind.

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