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Bangalore “Swaraj Samvad” raises expectations & hopes – New mile-stones set to serve the nation.

11188497_1635208336702485_5269576749940692173_nSwaraj Samwad Meet first out side Delhi since last meet in Delhi on 14 th of April was held in Bangalore,  Yogendra Yadav attended the meeting which was very well attended the event was day long session. Over 800 people came in during the day and over 425 registered at the event which was held at Jain Bhavan in heart of Bangalore city.

The good point is the volunteers of AAP were present in big numbers. Some of them confessed they came with not much hope but after attending the meeting and hearing Yogender Yadav ji and the voices of volunteers from the state they are convinced, it is true Swaraj Abhiayan is the right thing Yogender Yadav, they were convinced YY  PB AK and AJ are not the people who are for posts and power, in fact they are the people who are dead against the personality cult culture and they believe in collective efforts and all process on pure democratic lines.

At the Samvad, progressive writers and human rights activists extended their support. Writers G.K. Govinda Rao and K. Marulasiddappa, who shared the dais with Mr. Yadav, said the campaign should continue as a movement and not transform into a political outfit. But as is clear from Yogender Yadav’s deliberations too, Swaraj Abhiayan’s main object is to keep the light of evolution of right form of politics that would be alternative to the decayed political system in place in the nation.

Yogender Yadav stressed. It is first time in the this nation that the people who never wanted to join politics ever, found it essential to join to contribute in nation building with the emergence of the movement called AAP, he said he never said AAP was a political party, he always found it as a movement for change that is biggest need for the nation. But with the unfortunate happenings in AAP and the way some people are handling the party has suffered.

Our effort is to keep those people who for the first time have come out of their homes to join politics, they are very pained and hurt today we need to hold them, the faith with which they came to serve the nation and evolve a process of re shaping politics and change it.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of ‘Swaraj Samvad’ organised as part of Swaraj Abhiyan (self-rule campaign) launched by him and  Prashant Bhushan, Anand Kumar and Ajit Jha. said that he had only learnt about his expulsion from the media.

“As of now, it is more than a week since the party had said in a press release that Prashant Bhusan, Anand Kumar, Ajit Jha and I have been expelled. I have not received any communication or any order yet. There was a claim that the disciplinary committee was supposed to study our case and come out with charges. But, they have not spelt out any reasons so far,” Yogedner Yadav  said to media.

On the controversy regarding the alleged fake law certificate of Delhi Law Minister Jitender Singh Tomar, Mr. Yadav said: “This was one of the demands we had made from the party when we were in the Political Affairs Committee. Two months ago, we had said that four things need to be investigated, and Jitender Singh Tomar’s case was one of them. If the party had investigated then, I guess we would not have been in this embarrassing situation now.”

Mr. Yadav, however, went on to say he and his colleagues were not interested in wasting time and energy only in criticising the AAP and its government. “We do not want this movement to become one to principally criticise the AAP. We want to be constructive, and tomorrow if they need any support or well wishes, we will be more than happy to offer them support,” he said. He said the campaign was “an attempt to relive and reignite the emotions of those people who were associated with the AAP”.

Yogender Yadav in his address at the Swaraj Samvad meet make strong points that demand introspection and deep thought for our political class of the nation. Yadav said they at Swaraj Abhiyan do not believe in person projection and developing a cult culture. He said it is said in AAP person become bigger, photo of leader is used on poster and on caps. taking dig on Arvind Kejriwal, he said even Jaya Lalita who is accused of working on cult culture, even she did not put her photo on the party flag.

He said never give more powers to any individual, if you give them undue power and respect  they sure will  tend to commit serious mistakes. They are humans not God’s, humans make mistakes.

Yogender said in his speech, example of politicians is like that of a Kurta or Shirt you wear. One wear’s a clean well pressed shirt in public and when it is unclean and dirty. You bring the dirty shirt home, in remove it to wash dirt off, you beat it, you wash it and again press it. So is politicians he needs the treatment like is given to a shirt. Unless he is cleaned of dirty he will be of no use to the society.

In a movement or a political party as long as the volunteer has the right to show finger to the leadership and point their failures and mistakes  it should be understood the health of the party is good.

On the issue of farmers and the growing disconnect between the rural and the urban India. It is like living in two nations. He advised the youth and the volunteers should make it a point to schedule visits to the rural India and to the families of farmers and farmer to understand them and hear from them their issue and connect with them thus bridging the gap between the rural and urban India.

Yogender Yadav  said “We need best brains to debate intellectual and experts to address and come out with solutions for all our issues. We need to give innovate people copy it is to be encouraged..let us show the path forward”

An idea is coined and put to action at Swaraj Samwad Bangalore meeting, SWARAJ KENDRA’s at local levels. The Kendra can be a center to settle small issues, address as a liaison for small needs of people.

Their are no ready solutions to problems, Yogender Yadav said, my life teaches solutions do not existing their is big strive that is needed to understand and resolve. Like for example,  fifty years from now what shape agriculture sector will take. Fact is  known one knows and wishes to speak as know one is serious of looking beyond.

He added, we need best brains to debate with in intellectual and experts to address and come out with solutions for all our issues. We need to roll out  “Idea of India” Vision forward.

The event saw tens of volunteers speak, flood with ideas and suggestions to take forward Swaraj Abhiayan.  Lastly Yogender Yadav said their are great people who are full of passion to serve the nation and participate.

Yogender earlier in the day posted  ‪#‎SwarajSamwad‬ at Bengaluru was conducted, our Abhiyan had got offers of two office spaces in the city.

The first ever AAP office in the city was given by Heera Lal ji. He has now offered that space to us. Yesterday, our first meeting in Bengaluru was held at the office offered by him.

Another office space has been offered by Anil & Usha, a young IT professional couple from Bengaluru.

It is this spirit of selfless service which keeps us going, he said.

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