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India under Modi is on rough road. His silence bread’s criminals.

Our India on rough road – Hard to pen, reason and to write few sentences on safety of Minorities of nation, most on Christian Minorities. Christian community is today in grave threat and insecurity their schools, places of worship are vandalized by hooligans among the fundamental saffron brigade who are out to riot. The get their courage from silence of BJP Govt PM and its Ministers, fear of law is dead in them. Today nation is in grip of fear of serious threat to all that is right and just.

Country has lost its sensibility too soon, under a Prime Minister with whom nation did not really had high hopes, but it did sensed a ray of hope among people Modi may change.

History is strong witness, Individuals and people have shown wisdom to transform from being a devil in to an angel. When realization emerges with in them.

Likewise in case of Narender Modi most in the nation did give that elbow room for him to prove he can change too.  But the question is has he changed from where he started, his past haunts him even to this date, his Govt of which he was CM is  accused of a human genocide in Gujarat, in which over 1500 innocent Muslim Minorities massacre in the year 2002.

A out of stock on trust and principles, un ethical corrupt functioning UPA led by Congress became a burden for the nation.  It lost faith of the people partly due to the propaganda and misdoings of 10 years of UPA 1 and 2.

At that point of time, Nation needed a clean and strong government that would take the nation ahead o inclusive slogans and development. BJP sensed the pulse and Modi cashed in to that popular urge to have a change in Govt.

It so happened BJP got lucky with Modi and his manipulative slogans and larger than life posturing, lured poor common man. Modi got fortunate to head the nations top post and become PM. But to a very sad surprise was in store for the people of the nation. Modi whom nation thought can be given a chance to change and be a good boy is shattered.

His nearly year old governemnt at center is bundle of failures on issues of common man and the people of the nation a consolation though is he is seen as a progressvie PM for the corporate world, that too is yet to get a seal of justification.

In Modi Raj the Minorities specially the Muslims and the Christians are the worst hit, they are faced with great insecurities and embarrassments.

Though Modi says he is sub ka saath sub ka vikas, he even directs statements to defend the founding principles of our constitution. Ironically visiting President of US had to give Modi and his govt lessons on the articles in Indian constitution.  And remind as long as India works on path of religious tolerance and inclusive path India will march on ladder of prosperity and growth. But if it does not then the fate of Indian nation is dark.

The advice is not taken seriously. Modi did some lip service but his Govt is deaf and dump to the atrocities on Minorities and religious intolerance is at peak. Even worst than what Talibans of Afghanistan did to its minorities.

PM Modi is  deaf and dump to the hovoc his party BJP’s friend in saffron brigade like RSS, VHP and Hindu Mahasabha riot with.

Days after a church in Agra was targeted, the Hindu Mahasabha on  last Monday said attacking a church is not in any way violates no  Indian law. ( The people who  gave this statement should be behind bar and declared anti nationals and stringent, the govt should have acted fast on enforcement of law of the land. But the culprits are rejoicing )

On the contrary they demand, Narendra Modi-led NDA government should award and provide legal and administrative protection to Hindus who demolish churches across the country. They feel Churches are no longer places of worship but factories for conversion of Hindus into Christianity. Radical Hindu Saffron face  Munna Kumar Shukla, general secretary of the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha is seems to be leading campaign of hate and fear among the Minorities and Hindus. He finds Gandhi was a smaller patriot than Godse and he still is free bird to spill venom.

Shukla said the outfit would give awards and protection for Hindu youths who attack churches and marry Muslim girls.

He also said the Taj Mahal was a Shiva temple and not a mausoleum and would meet the same fate as the Babri Masjid.

Last month an Agra court admitted a petition by six lawyers, affiliated to the RSS, seeking to declare the Taj Mahal a Shiva temple. The honorable court accepting a absurd petition is in a way providing strength to such elements. Their is a fear the judiciary is under pressure of hooliganism of these groups.

The court issued notices to the Union Home Secretary, the Union Ministry of Culture and the Archaeological Survey of India, asking them to file a reply by May 6. The next date of hearing in the case is on May 13. What about directions by the courts to book these groups for spreading hate and threatening peace in the nation.

Will the PM and his HM open their mouth and arrest these criminals among the Hindu Mahasabha. Both PM and HM give soft statements religious intolerance and people who abuse our constitution provision not be allowed to do so. Yet not FIrs are booked no actions are taken.

Why can’t the Courts of the nation should take sou motto objection and book these evil mongers as threat to the nation, peace and harmony among people of the nation.

Silence of BJP Govt on various sensitive issues for months have lebled India as one of the right fundamental Hindu run govt that is hell bent to polarize nation on religious grounds and threaten safety and security of the minorities.

World finds nations with such mind set as one among the short sighted insecure nations. India is losing firends in west and developed nations.

Modi’s  talk on taking along all people in equals, promise to promote human rights and religious tolerance is all farce, what is happening to is a blot on nations image across globe. Hope the media and the pressure group, human right’s bodies in the nation will gather courage and come to help mend the BJP mind set.


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