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Ashish Khetan should first come clean on paid news story in Tehelka for Essar. Bhushans’s Snub Ashish.

These gentlemen have mastered the art of lie ing.  They want the boards clean to run riot.  The tenants are happy they will be rejoicing as trespassers.

These gentlemen have mastered the art of lie ing. They want the boards clean to run riot. The tenants are happy they will be rejoicing as trespassers.

After Prashant Bhushan accused Ashish Khetan of indulging in paid news, the former Tehelka journalist  is trying to childishly hit back at the senior Supreme Court lawyer, questioning the source of his wealth.

My advice to Kehan is first he should come clean on the allegations raised by Prashant Bhushan.

Bhushan  had accused Khetan of indulging in paid news when he worked for Tehelka magazine. “Ashish Khetan had writted on the 2G scam in Tehelka magazine. Later, the Essar group paid the magazine Rs.3 crore for its ThinkFest,”.

He raised it, In his response to the show cause notice issued to the founder members of AAP.  

Kehatan is that tenant of which Anand Kumar the founder member of AAP and now the National Convenor of Swaraj Abhiyan talks about. 

Instead of coming clean on the matter,  Kehtan  is busy in damage control act in front of media cameras, giving childish fillers knowning nothing, having no escape from the serious allegations that are levelled against him.

Khetan said “The Bhushan family has over Rs.500 crore worth property. I want to know whether this has been earned through PILs.”If this is the case, then filing PIL is a big industry,” Khetan said on Tuesday. Bhushan, a senior Supreme Court lawyer, is one of India’s best-known public interest litigants.I  totally condemn and find  childish. statement of Ketan un founded.

To this  absurd statement of Ashish Khetan.  Shanti Bhushan came down hard on Ashish and said their family is one of the most clean families of the nation, him and his son and family are clean he challenged Ashish to go ahead and expose them. They have nothing to hide. 

My question to Ketan is how did he know how much worth property Bhushan’s have.  Was he doing all this all these months to probe in to personal matters. However a person of caliber of Prashant Bhushan know well and will be ready to make his clarification known. As statement above they have swiftly gave a rebut.

But first why Khetan is shying from direct answer on the link between his article in Tehleka, Essar, 2G scam and a paid news kick back fee of Rs. 3 Crore to Theleka.

AAP situation managers Astotosh and Kumar Vishwas came in defence of accused Ashish. AAP leaders sadi in defence of Asish “There will not be any inquiry against Pankaj Gupta and Ashish Khetan as the charges are completely baseless and bear no truth,” AAP spokesperson Ashutosh told reporters in the national capital. Who is Ashotosh to decide if the charges are baseless, the whole point is the accused were judges.

AAP leadership is bent on breaking all records in political discourse by being shamelessly low in ethics. Bhushan accused AAP’s general secretary Pankaj Gupta of accepting Rs 2 crore donation from shell companies and Ashish Khetan of writing a planted story in a national magazine defending a telecom company, allegedly involved in the 2G spectrum scam.

Earlier Sahnti Bhushan said AAP is not differnet from Mayawati and Mulayam Singh parties, Yogender Said the accused both Asish and Pankaj get reward they get to be judges to the very issues they are being accused for. Prashant Bhushan ji had hit hard simply comparing AAP to Khap Panchayat. Where a dicator dictates and the subjects bow to knees.

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Responding to Khetan’s challenge, Shanti Bhushan dared him to expose them. “Let him expose us. He will get exposed. Our family is the most honest family in the country. No one can question our integrity. Neither Prashant Bhushan nor my integrity,” Shanti Bhushan said.

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