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An Stalin in Arvind does the destruction act of AAP. The concious bearers of AAP YY PB AK n AJ expelled.

Yogender Prashant Anand and Ajit expelled from AAP for showing real face to AK and his cotiry. This makes AK a ruthless Stalin and a bigger Hitler. Volunteers angered and nation pained he should be asked to resign from cm and convener posts.

AAP lost battle of values and nerves. Feared with the response that was sure to unmask the selfish personality cult monarch AK and his cotire. Today it is  standing exposed after  hard hitting responses of Yogender and Prashant and Anand Kumar.

Covering corrupt and value less Ashish and Pankaj Gupta. Arvind is not too far in allegation list he has intentionally allowed and is now clear was equal part in the demolishen act of foundibg principles of AAP not just that he conspired to create divide, cheat and abuse party constitipution repeatedly.

Swaraj Abhiyaan is real  AAP free from oppertunism. All who respect truth should dump AK and cotiry.Our doors are open at Swaraj Abhiyaan. The road to a political alternative is cleared for SA.

But the responses of YY PB AK should be taken to their logical end. The masks should be burnt,taking issues to debate in public and put to scrutiny in public. Check on them.
Prasahnt, Yogener and Anand Kumar were right they are out of party because they were a threat to AK and cotiry.

AAP cotiere has captured not just the party it has sacrifised the concious keepers of founding prinicples of AAP. Now AAP is just another political party fisked to union teriroty Delhi.

Not interested in any thing but keeping power and allowing Modi Sarkar to roast all over. As epxressed by me over and over again, could this be sensed as an understanding with forces that want BJP to have free run in nation for coming five years.

This impression has come from AK him self form his speech from Ramlila Ground on 14th Feb 2015. With Congress almost off from the main stream of politics.

Nation will not forgive AK and cotiry prize for being Hitler and stain will be demanded by out casting them all from public life. Await. Prasahnt Bhushan Called has given his reaction to the expulsion, he calls AAP is reduced to Khaap Panchayat. Yogedner Yadav questions how can the accused become judges, Shanti Bhushan regrets he failed to asses Arvind Kejriwal he says Arvind is like Mayawatis and Mulayam in politics he express distress and accused Arvind for abusing trust of nation.

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