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Will Arvind Kejriwal resign as CM ! If Charges on Ashish & Pankaj proved. Serious Charges on AK & Coteire too.


AAP unfortuanately is every thing but truthfull. Various factual narations of renowned and celeberated senior Adovate a RTI activist and founder of AAP Prashant Bhushan and equally credible and thruthful leader of AAP and its founder member Yogender Yadav in response to show cause notices issued to them separtely have put to wall the whole AK Cotiery. The narrations in both the letters to AAP dicipilinary commttee that has very disturbing allegations on Ashish Kehatan, Pankaj Gupta, Sanjay Singh and even Arvind Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwas.

It proves beyond doubt the concern and dissatisfaction over dictatorial functioning of AAP in total voiolation of AAP party constitution. By both Yogender Yadav and Prasahnt Bhushan all these months to have fought with in the party in NC PAC and NE wrting letter, communicating, registering thier resent by emails, by personal appeals, verbal dissatisfacdtion and quick corrections to the serious misconduct and anti party, anti constitution acts of AK and his men for over year and a half. Now that the show cause notices are issued to them thru the media, giving oppertunity to them to make thier responses with the copy of the notices released in public as the AAP team selectively released the show cause notices in public vie media much beofore the noitces were even serviced or mailed to the respondents.

Prasahant Bhushan in his Reply notice wirites :

A.  ( Allegation on Pankaj ) You also know that there have been serious charges against you yourself, which should have been referred to the National Lokpal, Admiral Ramdas. These included the acceptance of ‘donations’ of Rs. 2 Crores from shell companies, without taking the approval of the PAC as required by the party’s rules, as well as of stalling and not executing the decisions of the National Disciplinary Committee which I was heading and of which you were a member. But instead of referring those serious allegations against you to the Lokpal as required by the Party Constitution, you have now removed Admiral Ramdas!

B. ( Allegation on Ashish ) You might also know that Ashish Khetan has been accused of writing a planted story for Tehelka in defence of the Essar Company which was charge sheeted by CBI in the 2G case, for having created a benami company, Loop Telecom, and thereby managed a second licence against the rules. In his article titled, “The Madness in CBI’s method” which appeared in the Tehelka issue of December 31, 2011, Khetan had sought to defend Essar by relying on the opinion of the then law Minister Salman Khurshid, the very opinion for which we had charged Khurshid. Khurshid was one of the 15 ministers against whom we had asked for an SIT, for which Arvind, Manish and Gopal Rai had also fasted at Jantar Manter. And the internal emails of Essar which are now available, show that Nancy Jain of the corporate communication department of Essar had written to her bosses on 6/1/12, while detailing her activities for December 2011 that Khetan’s story was one of the stories that she had “coordinated” in December 2011. Moreover Tehelka was paid several Crores by Essar at that time for their ‘Thinkfest’ at Goa. Will this therefore not qualify as a ‘paid news’ story? Instead of removing Khetan from the party for this, he has now been rewarded by being appointed as the chairperson of the Delhi Dialogue commission and as a member of the National Disciplinary committee! And now Khetan and you will sit in judgement over us!

C ( Allegation on party and AK him self as Convenor for taking decission that are grave anti party activity ) Ethical norms have repeatedly flouted by Arvind and his team, which includes you. Decisions of the NE have been repeatedly flouted; attempts made to form a government by breaking MLAs from the Congress Party (the very MLA’s who were accused by Arvind as having been bought by the BJP); Communal posters were got printed; fabricated SMSs were sent; surreptitious and objectionable underground social media campaigns were ordered to be undertaken by volunteers; objectionable candidates were selected without any transparency, etc. etc. All these have been detailed in my letters to the NE, Party volunteers and Arvind. Swaraj and inner party democracy was made a mockery of, and all decision making was sought to be centralized with the Convenor, with any dissent being victimized.

D. ( Allegations on Pankaj and Arvind in issus and case of Karan Singh ) I am astounded that you have accused me of supporting AVAM by delaying the dismissal of Karan Singh’s appeal. It was you who kept delaying the taking up of Karan Singh’s appeal because you knew that it would lead to a can of worms. You know very well that I had asked you and Arvind to get the SMS sent in the name of AVAM investigated. Karan had specifically asked for it in his appeal. This SMS became the real basis for his suspension and expulsion as stated by Arvind in his google hangout. But both you and Arvind refused to have the matter investigated. Finally Karan lodged an FIR and the police investigation revealed that the SMSs in the name of AAVAAM were sent by our party volunteer named Deepak Chowdhary who had nothing to do with AVAM. That is why you did not want the appeal of Karan to be taken up.

E ( Allegations on Pankaj for protecting Sanjay Singh proteges)  you as secretary of the party and as a member of the National Disciplinary Committee which I was heading, refused to implement the decisions taken in the meetings held on 13th August, 16thOctober and 5thNovember, despite my repeatedly asking for it, only because the decisions were being opposed by Sanjay Singh against whose protégés, actions had been decided by the NDAC.

Allegations of Yogender Yadav on AAP AK Cotiere. 

F ( Allegation on Ashish Kheatan ) Of late, Shri Khetan has made no secret of his personal hostility to Prashant ji, following his expose of internal communication in Essar that raised questions about Shri Khetan’s possible involvement in a paid news. Is it not a scandal that those who are complainants, witness or interested party should sit in judgment over a case?

G. (Alegation on Pankaj Gupta and Arvind Kejriwal  as Convenor of AAP, who permitted diverting of funds for AK and Kuamr Vishvas LS Constituiencies )

  1. The National Executive, which is required to meet every quarter, did not meet between July 2014 and February 2015. The National Council did not meet for more than a year. The PAC did not meet for several months. All the decisions were taken by the National Convenor with a small coterie that has no basis in the Party Constitution. Naturally, no agendas or minutes of these extra-constitutional meetings were circulated.

  2. b) Major political decisions were taken bypassing the relevant decision making bodies. No Committee was even consulted in major decisions like resignation of Delhi government in February 2014, diversion of resources to Varanasi and Amethi constituencies and the allocation of funds to candidates during the Lok Sabha elections.

F ( Allegations on AK  and Party Stand ) what would your “committee” say about the National Convener and CM’s declaration during the Oath Taking Ceremony that the party will be confined to Delhi? Was that declaration approved by any committee? Will you issue him a Show Cause Notice. The other part is simply about my saying that there should not be any fuss about the CM needing some security; I do not understand how this is a breach of Manifesto? If so, is the CM now in breach of party’s manifesto?

Dear reader the narations, and accusations that are leveled by two most trusted individuals of the nation whose credibility in pulbic life and professional life and even personal life stand perfect and undoubtable. If these things are out to day they are agian out for defedning the values and promoting trust and disallowing embrassment to the nation and the volunteers of the of AAP and nation. Today Swaraj Samwad and Sawaraj Abhiayan are synonimious to the word intigrity and trust. Which is very difficult to establish and get recognised by the people of the nation.

For just one reason AK and his coteire have let down the nation and AAP. They do not deserve to be inhiritors of the legacy of founding principles it belongs to the truthfull volunteers. Swaraj Abhiayan members to day were the soul of AAP they may be called to day Swaraj Abhiayan but they are the true people they will protect the founding principles and keep the flame of Swaraj alive to only grown in the nation. But shoudl AK and his cotiere not be punsihed and exposed totally and the vlunteers deamand their suspension and ask for a new CM and new Convenor to take palce and suspend the whole Ashish, Pankaj and likes of them.

both YY and PB responses on the links below on

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