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Swaraj Abhiyan Press Release : Action Plan for Swaraj Abhiyaan. 15th of April 2015 New Delhi.


Press Release: Action Plan for Swaraj Abhiyan


Swaraj Samwad, a dialogue on present status and future directions of alternative politics, was successfully concluded in Gurgaon yesterday. There was an overwhelming response to the dialogue. The dialogue was attended by over 4,000 volunteers, supporters and well-wishers of new politics from all corners of the country. Besides, national and state level leaders  of Aam Aadmi Party, over a one hundred National Council Members and Lok Sabha candidates, support were extended by Admiral L Ramdas, former Chief of Naval Staff and Lokpal of AAP; Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi, Member of Parliament from Patiala, Aruna Roy of MKSS;  Devanoor Mahadeva, eminent Kannada litterateur & president of Karnataka Sarvodaya, Shri Giriraj Kishore, eminent Hindi writer and Shri Kuldeep Nayyar, eminent journalist.

The total cost of the event was Rs 6,38,745/- of which 5,41,370/- was recovered from donations. We have Rs 4,425/- as cash in hand. Payment of Rs 1,01,800/- is still outstanding.

The dialogue took place in the true spirit of Swaraj. The participants expressed themselves freely and voted on crucial issues facing alternative politics, in the presence of media. On the present status, the participants were nearly unanimous (93% voted for it) that AAP is not being run in the spirit of Swaraj. On the future directions, they voted overwhelmingly for carrying out movements, agitations and struggles without quitting the party. (70% voted, while 26% voted for leaving the right now) The participants unanimously passed a resolution setting up “Swaraj Abhiyan”. The Abhiyan will carry forward the quest for Alternative Politics, keeping alive the principles of the movement. It was decided that Swaraj Abhiyan will take up the following activities – organize agitations and movements on people’s issues, identify & train volunteers for alternative politics, create a new political vision, an “Agenda for India” and organize Swaraj Samwad at state and local levels. The resolution authorized the 49 signatories to the invitation to the dialogue to work out modalities and procedures for taking Swaraj Abhiyan forward.

The first meeting of the authorized group with special invitees took place today. The meeting unanimously decided the following

  1. Swaraj Samwad will be organized at state or zonal level across the country. Around 30 such dialogues are planned in the course of next two months.
  2. A nationwide Swaraj Yatra will be undertaken. The Yatra will travel across the country touching most of the districts and will spread awareness about alternative politics and identify new leaders, fresh energy and future ideas.
  3. The Abhiyan will be undertaken on the following principles: Federal Organisation, Social Diversity, Transparency, Collective Leadership, Zero tolerance on ethical code of conduct, volunteers’ voice and primacy of ideas.
  4. For the next 6 months or so, the movement will be steered by a steering committee to be nominated by the authorized group. The committee will elect a smaller working committee.
  5. Anand Kumar was unanimously elected as the national convenor of Swaraj Abhiyan till the due process of election is completed.

Swaraj Sabhiyan.

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