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Swaraj Abhiayan blue print spelled “Collective leadership, free from personality cult & liberty to states on issues” Prof Anand Kumar Elected National Convener.

NEW DELHI: In their first public address as members of Swaraj Abhiyan, a new group they formed on Tuesday, Aam Aadmi Party leaders who were un democratically removed from the posts of PAC and NE NC last month, both Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan said their movement was for self-government in not only politics but also society. Bhushan said people who were part of the abhiyan had not quit AAP, and while there was a very real possibility of it metamorphosing into a political party, that would take place only in the next year or two.

The press confeerence was held soon after a meeting of the

“We have started a campaign to take forward the ideals on which AAP was founded. However, while continuing to be a part of AAP, we will carry on our work under a different organizational structure,” Bhushan said, adding, “We may form a political party but for that we have to prove two things. Firstly, that this organization is true to the principle of swaraj and, secondly, we should be able to grapple with issues pertinent to our times and have more people join our movement.”

Prof Anand Kumar has been designated national convener of the movement unanimously by the Abhiyan committee and special invitees present in the meeting held during the day on 15th of April at NDT Bhavan Delhi.  A working committee, comprising all seven people expelled from AAP’s national executive and Timarpur MLA Pankaj Pushkar will lead the organization till a steering committee is elected.

About the new group, Yadav said it will not be personality-centric. “We will work under a collective leadership. There will be no photos of living persons on our material nor will there be slogans about a single person. People have failed to differentiate between anti-leader and anti-party. Why should we leave AAP when we have done nothing that is against the party?”

The Abhiyan’s core committee and special invitees formed a seven-point agenda on Wednesday. They will take the movement across the country, starting with a Swaraj Yatra covering as many districts as possible. All states will have Swaraj Samvad on the lines of the meeting held in Gurgaon on Tuesday. In the next couple of months, 30-35 such meetings are expected.

A Swaraj Yatra will be held across India taking it to each state and over 500  districts of the nation with pressing issues faced by the people of the nation, the party leaders Yogender Yadav Prasahant Bhushan, Anand Kumar and Ajit Jha will be leading the Yatra the time and route of the yatra and the issues that will be taken up will be soon finalized. The major issue will be Farmers apathy in the nation, issues will be rural and urban centric. .

Although it is not a political party at present, the Abhiyan will implement right to information. It has revealed its collections from Tuesday’s meeting and the expenditure in holding the event.Swaraj Abhiyan  will work on a federal structure with state units taking decisions on issues that affect them. An ethical code of conduct will be established and there will be zero tolerance for violations. Volunteers will be heard while the structure of the organization will reflect the diversity of the country, it will be true representative of the nations fabric and its diversity.

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