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Swaraj Samwad Meet – Representatives from 27 States over 70 MP candidates, over 3000 volunteers to attend .

10347719_386369121536241_4467927637582011191_nLUCKNOW: Apprehending that he might be thrown out of party soon,  Aam Aadmi Party leader Yogendra Yadav on Thursday said that ills of traditional politics have infected the AAP which was founded to bring transparency and democracy in political system. “AAP was founded to bring alternative to traditional politics but what today it is being infected by individualism, greed for power, centralized authority and other ills,” he said in a veiled attack at AAP convener and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Yadav, who is touring the country to muster support for the proposed convention of rebel volunteers ‘Swaraj Samwad’ in Gurgaon on April 14, was in Lucknow on Thursday. After addressing supporters, he told reporters that he has received an overwhelming response from across the country and claimed prominent activists like Medha Patkar, Aruna Roy, Nikhil Dey, SP Udayakumar and Shanti Bhushan, besides 70 lok sabha candidates of AAP have confirmed to attend the convention. “So far, 3591 AAP members and volunteers have registered for the convention, of which 661 are from UP,” he said. Asked if he has extended invitation to Kejriwal, he said that an open invitation has been sent to all.

Denying that he wants to form a new party and that the present `differences between him and Kejriwal’ are actually struggle to take control of the party, Yadav said that whatever he and his colleague Prashant Bhushan have said so far, have also submitted in writing to the party and nowhere they have asked for any post or power. “Arvind bhai was and is national convener of the party, what we want is to keep the `soul’ of the organization alive by reminding the top brass about the founding principals of AAP,” he said.

When asked his meetings with expelled leaders and open criticism of top brass have been dubbed as `anti-party’ by Kejriwal loyalists, Yadav said that `Swaraj Samwad’ being held on Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar’s birth anniversary is not to break AAP but a `samwad’ (discussion) to keep alive the principal of `swaraj’ (power to the people) which made AAP different from others. “Discussion never breaks anything but joins it. However, the manner in which the March 28 meeting was conducted using bouncers and ouster of leaders without issuing show cause notice or waiting for their replies was an attempt to break the party,” he said.

“Its a matter of pride for me to sit with people like Vishal Sharma who were ousted for opposing goondagardi in the national executive meet. Some more may be expelled later. I may also be thrown out for holding this press conference,” he said.

Nearly 200 people took part in the Lucknow meeting. Yadav had addressed a similar meeting on April 7 in Chandigarh attended by over 700 volunteers. On Friday, he hold meeting in Mumbai. Yadav-Bhushan camp here claimed besides response from 27 states for the convention, around 100 Non-Resident Indian have also registered. The Swaraj Samwad facebook page has garnered more than 6,500 likes so far. The Swaraj Swamwad participation form states “Quest for alternative politics stands at crossroads today. We need to stop to think, to reflect and to plan our way forward. That is why we invite you for ‘Swaraj Samvad’ a dialogue to be held on the 14th of April.”

One comment on “Swaraj Samwad Meet – Representatives from 27 States over 70 MP candidates, over 3000 volunteers to attend .

  1. politicallyparalysed
    April 9, 2015

    Authoratarianism of kejriwal wont be tolerated

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