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“Swaraj Samvad” On 14 th of April in Delhi. Volunteers From Across India to Attend. Yadav to visit Haryana & Punjab before meeting.

aap-cover (1)In an effort to ascertain their next course of action,  Un democratically ousted  Aam Aadmi Party leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan are planned to hold a dialogue — Swaraj Samvad — in the Delhi-NCR region on April 14.

The “dialogue” is also being convened to dismiss speculation about the two leaders forming a new political party.

“This meeting will end speculation what really will happen will be decided in that meeting. It is also an effort to engage with volunteers and supporters to discuss the recent development in AAP. The venue for the meeting is likely to is decided will be communicated soon” an AAP source close to Yadav and Bhushan said.

Ahead of the dialogue, Yadav is expected to meet volunteers and supporters from Haryana and Punjab in Chandigarh on April 6 and 7, sources in the faction said.

“The last meeting of party volunteers from across the country was held in May last year. Since then, a meeting on such a scale has not been held,” the source said.

Named “Swaraj Samvad”, the faction aims at engaging with volunteers on the ideas of Swaraj and Lokpal.

“AAP was formed on the principle of Swaraj. Arvindji even wrote a book on it. Who is a rebel — one who is loyal to the principles of the party or those who claim loyalty towards a personality? Swaraj or decentralisation of power is one of the primary concerns of volunteers,” the source said.

Elaborating on the issue, he added, “Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan have been talking about Swaraj and Lokpal for a long time. They have been demanding that state bodies be given the right to decide if they want to contest local polls, instead of the decision being taken by a PAC (Political Affairs Committee) based in Delhi.”

Select volunteers from across nation  are going to take part in the meeting. To  Discuss  the events in the party that unfolded in last month.  The purpose is to hear from the volunteers and discuss the various possibilities and with the consent and participation a decision will be reached on 14 th to laid out.

The object is   to keep the flame of founding principles of AAP is kept alive. And the leaders of the party and the volunteers close to the team are committed to take the mission of AAP forward and fulfill the promises that were made by AAP when it came in to being born out of a Anti corruption and demand of Lokpal.

The options of legal battle and EC complaint on the manner the meeting of NC was plundered are ruled out. Both YY and PB are not going to take them as options. Their will be positive moves and positively a decision will be taken. Both have faith the volunteers who will be attending the meet have great potential and had hopes they will sure be able to contribute in making the decision one that is most appropriate.

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