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“Ahankar Ka Pat Padaney Wala Ahankar Ka Shikar” Yogender Yadav curtain raiser on Arvind’s NC allegations – A factual rebuttal. Every Volunteer to Read and Listen. Vedio.

hqdefault (2)The volunteers of AAP are in a grave disillusion, they are confused and dejected with the manner with which the party which was formed to bring positive change in the present form of politics has its self stooped to levels that are shameful not just the volunteers and the members of the party but it is a grave nightmare for all people of nation who had great hope from AAP. They expected AAP to follow a path of truth, transparency and great honor in public life.

In his monolog in NC on 28th Arvind Kejriwal spoke like a Monarch, it will not be out of context if I take liberty to say either Arvind is living in to a shell surrounded by eyes and ears that only show and see what is shown and what is permitted to hear. Or the other big possibility is Arvind is smarter and man architect of the events unfolded since the strike of victory on 10th of Feb with a historic victory winning 67 MLA in a house of 70.

I am making an attempt to bring to light for the benefit of the volunteers who as expressed above are in a great shock and angry from AAP for running a stage managed fixed National Council meeting on 28 th of March in which  YY  PB AK and AJ and few others member ship to NC was withdrawn in a shameful drama which saw all undemocratic and violent incidents that will be remembered as a shameful page not just for  AAP but for Indian politics.

The following is text of the interview point by point allegations of Arvind Group and  Yogender Yadav’s Clarification.

AAP Party AK group said the meeting ran smoothly and their was not violence and no protest, it was run democratically. As repeatedly said by one of AAP’s leader Sanjay Singh.

Their were two cameras, only an edited version of one of the camera is released. The second camera content is not shown. Why did a full recording of the cameras not shown if their is nothing objectionable in the meeting. The truth of what happened in the meeting is served only very little over eighty percent is not shown. What is the fear why it not shown. Arvind Kejriwal incited anger and allowed slogan shouting that was done by MLAs Kapil Mishra and Tyagi  with many more with threatening gestures to the NC members present. The MP of Punjab Gandhi protested and demanded fair opportunity, so did the NC member Ramzan Choudary who was physically attacked. Will we ever be seeing the content of second camera, it will who all were doing what and the behlawan type bouncers.

Arinvd Kejriwal, I wish he speech was fully shown, in the beginning Arvind said, I wish this event is shown to all out side, but he said he wanted to keep the talk of inside in inside only. But then why did a edited version is shown. Had his speech is shown in full, it would be proved their is great difference in what you say and what you do was the fear behind AK and his group.

Why did Arvind leave the NC meeting, did he go because he did not want to be witness to the events that would unfold. Or was he feared the burden of events to disgrace to follow should not come on him.

The moment Arvind Let Gopal Rai became the Adhiyaksh of the meeting, people objected to his taking the chair. Lot of resentment was seen, but with in that Sisodia gets up and declares and moves a resolution to that was apparently written with signatures on it, Sisodia put in resolution, he himself conducts voting. Me and Ajit Jha protested and question Gopal Rai what is happening stop the voting. Gopal Rai did not say a word, after further protest he with out looking in to my eyes asked us to give in writing your objections. And the voting process continued. with disgracefully. All demands of proceudres and secret ballot were invane.

AAP MP Gandhi and Latehy  N C Member from UP, both have said the proceed were un democratic and ciotic. Why would we lie, the cameras have the full recording why not show them all.

The allegation of one of my office personal spoke to a person in AAP and said so and so to so and so, with out any proof or telephonic recording only on hear say by not just the second person but the third and the fouth person over a year ago. If at all their should be a proof for all this it is not.( the office bearer is on record who has written a full letter of what he had spoken is available )

With respect to the Hindu on 19 Aust of 2014 write up in Hindu in which a lady reporter had written that the decision of not contesting Haryana elections is undemocratic ally taken and it is unilaterally taken by Arvind Kejriwal. It is said that the lady spoke to AK and said this information has come to her from me Yogender Yadav. Now even if this is true which is not. The allegation is not on the party but on a person.

Where does the question of anti party activity comes. Then this was in the presence of three more reporters and they said why is it said that YY said it, no he has not, the lady is in habit of telling lies, the three reporters not just clarified but gave in writing to the party that their is no truth that this has been said in the meeting with YY ie me.  A full statement is made in to a article and printed in a news paper. The truth form three reports is not acceptable but the lies of one reporter is acceptable.

Then I wrote a letter to Lokpal and wanted the truth to be out and the issue is closed once for all, But as the elections were nearing Lok did not take it up.

Then again on 4th we wrote to Lokpal and wanted the investigation done after getting removed from the PAC, but then Arvind in the NC meeting in addtion to it said that YY and PB were placing news in media he was told by two editor of media houses, But he stops in saying who were the editors and what were the news that were placed by in the media.

Who so ever hears these allegations laughs.

Arvind said I YY conspired to defeat AAP in Delhi, imagine I have done 86 to 100  public meetings in Delhi  and un countable press conferences and media interactions and debates. I have gone to constituencies on the request of the MLAs repeatedly. How laughable is this allegation that I was trying to make sure the party is defeated.

Now it is me who did the survey and put all the pride at stake and gave 51 seats to AAP in Delhi elections. If I wanted the party to loose I would have not done so. I have done is with my sincerity and with conviction.

If i was trying the party should be defeated then why were my CDs and Voice tapes distributed in lacs and given to volunteers in thousands to hear and get inspired. Why would you do this when you know the man wants party to loose.

There are hundreds of reporters in Delhi if at all I was trying party should loose would they not know. When I see these things I feel shocked and surprised over AK Bhai’s understanding wisdom, how can Arvind even think of believing such absurd allegations.

I have heard the speech given by Arvind Kejriwal after victory, the speech of victory was more of a speech of sorrow. I have heard of looser given such speeches but a leader of party that won elections giving such a speech I am hearing for the first time.

What all happened in this past one month we have not started it is the colleagues of AK who have instead of taking the responsibility to serve with bigger vision they have found immense time to scheme and raise allegations. I do no know how they get so much of time.

The party is busy in removing people fixing positions, fix this one here and harass the other one their, I have a told ones Arvind bhai, please read the book, the book of swaraj, which is written by him, He does not have time to read and he forgets what is wrtten in the book swaraj. If he reads it he will know whre he is wrong. After seeing all the events in past month it is my wish I should tell Arvind Bhia, he should hear a speech, And that of his own given on 14th of Feb from Ramlila grounds. In which he has cautioned and gave advice on Ahankaar…

Arogance is dangerous very dangerous, many great people has suffered due to Ahankaar and it is enough to destroy any one and decimate. I have told him have a eye on the people around you the yes men are bad for any body, the best friend is one who points mistakes in you and hold you when you are on a wrong footing. no the ones who shake their head to only please you.

This party has come in to existence to change the political environment of the nation. But today we have become a state party of Delhi.

We started to give Swaraj to the nation but today the circle of Swa is restricted to just one man.

We started for Lokpal today we ourselves are roughening our own Lokpal. Then some where lot is not good. The values which the party was formed and today what is practiced their is a grave difference. The people of the nation trusted us and even auto driver felt pride is carry a volunteer and he just demanded the cost of the petrol that is burnt, he thought it is his duty to participate in the imaandar politics of the nation.  The people thought they any thing they give to AAP is like giving in to ashram or a temple. This is our asset and whole Puunji.. If we do not save it we can not do seva to the countrymen.

Our battle is with the sharks like Congress and BJP they have every thing money resources and what not. If we have to fight them our asset is our Imaandari and faith in the values we started with.

Stings are two sided one can not find it right on others and when it is you, the rules are different if it so happens it is good to have a investigation done.

One thing is clear we are not going to show our back to the touch of wisdom with the movement we started. We will keep it burning and illuminated and growing. How will we be doing it it is a question for us all, PB and myself and the meeting we have called on 14 th for a selected companions and friends we will have a dialogue and disscuss the possibilities and decide how to move ahead with.

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