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AAP Sacking Lokpal Admiral Ramdas Unconstitutional. Pankaj Gupta emails leaked to media.

31Fir08.qxpNEW DELHI:  Days after the AAP appointed a new ombudsman or Lokpal panel replacing him, former Navy chief retired Admiral Ramdas has questioned the party’s decision, claiming that his term would have otherwise ended in November 2016.

An email exchange between AAP General Secretary Pankaj Gupta and Admiral Ramdas, leaked to the media, shows that the 81-year-old Admiral was told about “not requiring his services” only on March 30, a day after the party ousted him.

Admiral Ramdas calls his removal ‘unconstitutional’ which has given him ‘personal agony.’

“My term as Lokpal continued as per the party’s Constitution, and therefore continues to be valid for three years from November 2013 when my first year finished. Had there been any indication from the party that my term had expired, I might not have carried out all those tasks – which could now even be termed illegal or invalid,” said the retired Admiral in his email to Mr Gupta.

Referring to an investigation he carried out into various complaints during Delhi Assembly polls – that included examining Arvind Kejriwal and other members of the National Executive – Admiral Ramdas says, the party had consulted him and forwarded queries as late as March 25, just four days before his sacking.

He also claims, the party had referred 12 cases to him for investigations, for which he had personally examined AAP’s top leadership including – Arvind kejriwal, Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan, and Manish Sisodia.

Admiral Ramdas says, “Till two days back, the AAP website continued to carry the names of Admiral Ramdas and Dr Ilina Sen, as the Lokpals of the party,” adding that the party did not even consult him before appointing his successor as mentioned in the party constitution

“I would certainly have discharged these duties nearer the end of what I assumed would be the end of my term in November 2016,” Ramdas added.

On Sunday AAP replaced, Magsasay winner Admiral Ramdas and Ilina Sen, with a three-member panel headed by a retired IPS officer N Dilip Kumar.http:


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