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“Medha Patker and Admiral Ramdas to attend 14 th April Volunteers Meet called by Team Yogender and Pashant.

Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan, ousted from the national executive, appear to be laying the ground for the formation of a new political party.

However, they indicated that a meeting of volunteers would be convened first before any announcement is made.

Mr. Yadav, in a message on his Facebook page, which is on this blog before this post for all to see,  said he and Mr. Bhushan had received hundreds of messages of support and solidarity that have “erased any insult that we may have suffered on the 28th.”

“We must therefore keep the spirit of the movement going at this difficult juncture. The questions are: how? what next? Some of the friends who met over the last two days felt that there should be a dialogue with like minded friends to answer these questions. Tentatively, the dialogue is scheduled for Ambedkar Jayanti, 14th of April 2015 somewhere close to Delhi,” his message said.

Yadav and Prashant Bhushan have indicated that a meeting of volunteers would be convened first before any announcement is made.

Mr. Bhushan indicated that the duo will not take legal action, either in the High Court or the Election Commission against their expulsion from the national executive but would rather focus now on channelling the positive energy of the party’s volunteers.

images (20)Whether that is done through a political party or any other organisation remains to be seen. The meeting on April 14 is expected to include activist Medha Patkar, who quit the AAP in a show of solidarity with Mr. Yadav and Mr. Bhushan, and Admiral L. Ramdas, who was removed as the party’s Lokpal.

This is big move forward, as Prashant Bhushan has made it clear that they are looking at not wasting any time in legal battles and they wish to look ahead and build the vision which was started, with the start of AAP at its inception and work for it.

The leaders do not like to reduce AAP to a party of Nation from party of Delhi, And from want to reverse what has happened in the existing AAP a party which started to give nation swaraj has reduced to one mans raj. And a party which fought to bring Lokpal to Nation is reduced in present AAP that remove Lokpal from the house.

As you are aware my posts on the subject are regular and my post on the meeting and the full post of Yogender Yadav on F and twitter is posted on my blog and I had also circulated by mails and facebook campaigns to inform the volunteers who are the most concern and in absence of any clear information are in a great confusion.

It is expected people from many states will be attending the meeting called by YY and PB. And it is in this meeting the with after discussion and meeting the volunteers a decision would be taken on how the movement will be energized.

I am happy to inform that their has been a very encouraging response from the volunteers both on emails and on the social media.  The venue is not clearly declared yet. But the meeting is on 14 th of April it is decided.

In the between the chances of reproaching and working to build and work by working as volunteers and members are fast diminishing. Today both PB YY are removed from the list spokes person of AAP  YY was the Chief Spokes Person he is removed from that position.

Yogender Yadav said this is all going to happen and the members and his colleagues who have faith in swaraj and are determined to take up the cause nationally to continue the mission of swaraj and the dream that was seen in by all at the tim e of formation of AAP will live, will be faced with ousters form AAP.

He said he is expecting all that to happen and he wanted to see and the nation will know and will see how our people will be removed and harassed it is good nation will know the facts which they wish to know. He and his followers are ready to face all humiliation but will not give up the founding principles.

He also said we will not resign and our volunteers will not resign too, we will continue our good work.

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