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“Yogender,Prashant may launch a New Political Party” Decision after discussion. Vested External forces control Arvind and AAP.

AAP leaders Prashant Bhushan (L) Prof. Anand kumar (C) Yogendra Yadav (R) holding a press conference in New Delhi on Friday -

AAP leaders Prashant Bhushan (L) Prof. Anand kumar (C) Yogendra Yadav (R) holding a press conference in New Delhi on Friday –

NEW DELHI: One can expect big changes in Aam Aadmi Party after Saturday’s upheaval. To begin with, new members have to be found for both the parliamentary affairs committee and national executive to fill the posts vacated by Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan. Sources indicated that some restructuring is expected in the near future.

On the other hand the press note given by the AAP media cell is silent on the vision of expansion national Mission Vistaar, it has not said any thing on the efforts made so far by dozens of  very dedicated self less observers of Mission Vistaar. Many in them have invested their own money to fulfill the assignment given by the party. It is fact party it is too irresponsible when it comes responding to communication on mails, sms and even letter or personal requests for meeting. All these months the party has not shown great seriousness in doing vistaar work of the party.

Now again a new idea is coined to form – organizing committees from the existing national council members ( is it to keep them silence as most have not been signatories to so called manipulated resolution to oust Yogender Yadav and Prashant Bhushan )  A carrot of responsibility to NC for organization building ( forgetting the fate of Mission Vistaar), Volunteers Engagement, ignoring the MV concept of bottom top elections with in a year which is lapsing soon, the issue of contesting elections in states the NC will take a call, all this looks another round of  un ending delay and confuse volunteers for couple of years more  with in AAP.

Most of the states do not have any structure, and the good work by Observers is not under threat of getting nullified as most of the Observers are people who have great values and are in party on values and principles of swaraj. The states are divided deeply they are in groups of good verses the bad, the bad are selfish and opportunists with no credible social background and integrity.

These are the issues that were the bone of contention and the NC has tactfully thru a scripted letter has  put ot silence. The burning issue of land acqsition bill is brought in to NC for discussion as a compliment to keep the volunteers  engaged with a carrot of protest march to parliament on 22nd.

My apprehension is vested political  powers and hidden hands are playing on AAP and AK . I am very concern for Arivndji and AAP. how much you try to caution them is not working.  It  looks the party is taking commands from-forces that are out to sabotage AAP expanding to states or participating in any small or big elections.  My articles have said a lot on this subject Major hurdles to the government at center of BJP.  Please see link to understand in depth.

Vested forces sure are happy today as one of the major conditions of their  agend is accomplished both Yogender and Parashant with their supports are shown the exit door. And the second most important is not to go in for any expansion in to the states that will un fold the drama is not ended it has began. Delhi is conditional victory orchestrated by the forces under hiding complimenting and ensuring victory of AAP.  The trap is result of desperation to gain back Delhi after blunder of abusing peoples verdict by resigning on 14 th Feb 2014.

Coming to the fall out in AAP. And the main subject of  what will be the options of YY and PB and AK and AJ.

A political future is not ruled out for Yadav and Bhushan. A psephologist and academician and a Supreme Court lawyer, respectively, It is said they may form a new political outfit now, the reason being AAP and its leaders have shown little regard for its founding principles and have diluted the very ideology and principles they were in politics for. Majority of AAPians today feel let down.  They were not form any political background nor had any ulterior intentions. But national service and figting the evils in our system and political parties.

Formation of New Party Can’s be ruled out – Possibility of a new political party strong headed by the Undemocratic ousted Founder Members of AAP.

“It is true that we can move the court or Election Commission or call another meeting of the national council. All options are open,” said Bhushan. Prof Anand Kumar added that members would take a decision after discussions with volunteers and supporters. “There are several people who may not openly support Yadav and Bhushan but who are pained by what happened. We have to see how they register their dissent against the leadership,” a member said.

“After taking me out of NE without any debate and the real thoughts of Kejriwal about me, Jha, Bhushan and Yadav, getting exposed, what are the options before us,” asked Prof Kumar. “We either organise a national consultation or continue to work for a corruption-free India as AAP volunteers with a low profile or join others to work on the issue of land beyond the AAP framework.”

For AAP, it’s also time to chart out its ideological course. The ideological base is in shambles after the undemocratic ouster of its founder members from the Na national Executive.  Critics argue that the party has nothing concrete to bind its members together, other than the desire to fight corruption, a task subjective at best.

Why a proper meeting was not conducting, does swaraj means one way comunication. Will AAP be one man party with a half a dozen loyalists who succeeded in convincing Arvind he can not be wrong ever. as long as Arvind sees and hears with eyes and ears of cotiry he will not have his eyes and ears closed.

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