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Unity efforts in AAP falling apart. Efforts of Lokpal Ramdas last hope.

Admiral Ramdas AAP Lokpal.  Man of principles meets Arvind Kejrwial to  sort out differences and reach to resolutions of differences that seem to be wide.

Admiral Ramdas AAP Lokpal. Man of principles meets Arvind Kejrwial to sort out differences and reach to resolutions of differences that seem to be wide.

All efforts from both sides of the divide with in AAP very unfortunately seems to be failing to give any concrete way to gel party founder leaders Arvind Kejriwal, Yogender Yadav and Prashant Bhushan. The rift within the Aam Aadmi Party that has been growing for over two weeks appeared far from being bridged despite the meeting at Arvind Kejriwal’s house on Wednesday evening.

Though the party officially said it was hoping for a resolution by Saturday, party sources said the bulk of leaders feel a reconciliation will not be easy since the “other side” is sticking to its stand. What is that stand the other side is sticking on is the question which is not coming out in open.

Is it the leadership and who is “other side” does it want change of convener of the party. As far convener issue. None wanted  Arvind should resign and replaced.

Sources from with in the party are clear the only major issue that pricks the “Other Side” which means Yogender Yadav and Prashant Bhushan side is,  that of great importance and is deter-mental for the health of the party.

And it  is Strong Internal Democracy in party, taking along and involving members and volunteers running party.

Ensuring  systems are in place and adhere to greater transparency and responsive functioning.  Adhering to procedures, empowering state units with greater authority. keeping to the vision of AAP making India a corruption free nation, and standing shoulder to shoulder with the people across nation to defend their rights and fight corrupt and divisive politics prevalent in the nation and states.

As of today the party does not have any set procedures, nor their is greater transparency at any levels. At no level their is any effective, expected from of designated involvement with the dedicated party leaders in sates and in center. All claims to be a party with difference is in a total confusion, it is neither able to  satisfy volunteers, members, or office bearers in states and in center.

What has been experienced in AAP is we have become a party that takes orders and not a party that allows participation. Thousands of very responsible and effective individuals have devoted time and energies to see AAP become nations political movement to strive for realization peoples imagination of a better India.   Reason being, an absolute one way communication,  from the central leadership and administrative departments. Over years the experience

Here are the Top Ten developments:

After the meeting of the party’s Political Affairs Committee, a senior leader and loyalist of party chief Arvind Kejriwal said “efforts were still being made by the ‘other faction’ (founder members Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan) to seek a regime change in the party.” This is an allegation on Yogender Yadav and Prashant Bhushan they never wanted AK to resign.

Senior leaders however,feel “We are hopeful of reaching some sort of resolution before the executive meeting … These issues will be taken up at the party’s National Council meeting.”

The National Council meeting is expected to focus primarily on the future role of Mr Yadav and Mr Bhushan, who had been openly critical of party chief and Delhi Chief Minister Mr Kejriwal. The two were recently sacked from the Political Affairs Committee. Many feel the way Yogender and Prashant were sacked is in it self a total disrespect for internal democracy and it is known the sacking was fixed by AK group.

It was alleged that they wished to remove Mr Kejriwal from the post of the national convenor and wanted the party to lose the Delhi election. Allegation  again on YY PB

Besides the friction within the party, the Political Affairs Committee discussed the agenda for the National Council meeting, which is to be held on Saturday. The agenda is not known to the media or is made open. The first agenda for the Arvind Kejriwal group would be how to tackle  both YY and PB, would it be right to give them further responsibilities or should it be differed again. Or  can the worst be expected, keeping them out of any positions which will be most un fortunate for the party. And will prove their is a greater conspiracy working on AAP and AAP is prey to it.

This will include the possible ways to begin a movement against the land acquisition bill, and the progress made by the month-old Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi, Mr Singh said.

The party also decided that senior leader Kumar Vishwas will be given charge of the local elections in Mumbai and Pune, who will evaluate the party’s prospects. Their was talks  in the circles in Delhi AAP leader Kumar Vishwas may to the compromise choice to lead AAP as Convenor that seems to be not on cards any more. And Kumar to get Mumbai charge evaluation prospects in local elections is almost a demoting Kumar Vishwas.

Several rounds of talks between Mr Kejriwal’s supporters, and Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan, have reportedly failed to bridge the gap. Sources close to key negotiators Ajit Jha, Anand Kumar and Sanjay Singh had told unfortunately talks have “virtually collapsed”. Both Anand and Ajit are very right thinking dedicated leaders of AAP for whom unity is corner stone of AAP’s existence. They are not for any positions nor have they advocated for any positions for Yogender Yadav and Prashant Bhushan. They have strived for one agenda which is informed by them to me, is  the party has to run strictly on the set procedures, respect internal democracy and exercise transparency.

A “last effort” at reconciliation is being made by AAP’s internal lokpal Admiral Ramdas, who is set to meet all sides over the next two days, sources said.  Not much of hope can be put on Ramdas as he is not seen with great respect by AK group, for simple reason he choice to voice his difficulties and listed failures of party in his letter before 4th March PAC meeting, which annoyed the AK gruop. The annoyance is unfortunate if in AAP voices are not raised in right direction and if corrective talk is not made then what is big deal being in AAP it will be as good as any political party that puts to rest voices that speak truth.

The divide in the party was reflected in issues like including volunteers in decision-making and giving more powers to the party’s state units, which are also on the agenda of Saturday’s meeting. Why should it not be after all the party needs good people to contribute in its functioning and build the roots in the nation.

How does AK want it to work is he looking at a power in his hand or in to the hands of few of his confidants and not any one else. Then he leading in to a wrong area where AAP will be reduced to a party in Delhi and will not be able to keep the promise it made to the nation and its people. Hope some change will come in form the remaining two days and unity will be upheld and all the top leaders understand India needs AAP more then Arvind needs it today. AAP belongs more to India than to its top leaders here after it has to live and it has to win hearts and lead nation to the corruption free nation and on path of swaraj.

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