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AAP shakes nations trust, proves political immaturity. Resulting – Conspiracy to Succeed. A must read for every Indian.

file image of AAP public meeting in Delhi during  Assembly Elections this year.

file image of AAP public meeting in Delhi during Assembly Elections this year.

In my article dated 13th march which was titled ” is vision AAP altered by coming of Delhi Victory 2015 …” link to it is

Where in I closed the article by saying

“What happened between Sep 2014 and Feb 2015 is a less known to the people and to most of us, possibility is nothing much has happened but possibility is some thing significant has happened. The Arvind and his party at-least a set of top leaders have to explain the change in tune and a serious U turn on the commitments they made to the nation and to the people on the counts of anti corruption, inclusive nation, swaraj, taking party to every individual of the nation thru its mission vistaar developing the party in the root of India and living dream of  a corruption free and liberated India from the corrupt political system and fighting both BJP and Congress to achieve this. Then what has changed… on the back stage of Indian political scene.  Read in on my article next …. Conspiracy Theory to Bring Down AAP is working. Political immaturity and dis unity is pulling it down. . . Adil Mohd”

Here I am to pen passages that brewed in my thoughts and were put to severe grilling before to pen again, as I have discussed and took feed back from various sates of India and form Delhi and  impressions that are latest that will be a great influence on the way AAP will perform in Delhi and its credibility barometer will surely depend on. In few points much of the theory of conspiracy can be seen with clarity.

1.AAP leader Arvind as is discussed in my previous article referred above promoted a national vision for AAP. It had taken a clear stand on party will fight all forms of corruption and emerge as AAP Against Corruption in India with zero tolerance to corruption, secondly build party in each state to stand for peoples issues and build credible volunteer based party and expose all evils in society and fight battle from front to give Imaandar new form of politics.

2.Between the months of August 2014 to January 2015. Certain interesting changes emerged, several hundreds of new volunteers and members joined in to AAP Delhi, who were with BJP, it is a known fact that former corp-orators from BJP left BJP and joined AAP. The process of screening is not applied to them. Party was open procedures were not applied to their joining. Leaving AAP vulnerable risk ditching for sabotaging party affair from inside. Whose commands these people joined is for us to apply imagination on.

3.It is a known fact the tickets distribution also did not go under the hammer of screen process which is USP of AAP. A selective method is applied ignoring the party norms set to keep follow clean image and integrity check. Even allegations were made a section of society is given tickets in abundance on merit of win-ability.

4.As per the reports the collection from fund raising is to a tune of 9 cores. The expected fund was 20 cr to handle the elections in Delhi in 70 constituencies. It is a fact the expenses that were made by AAP were  very good and a great impacting campaign was  run,  raising eye brows of opposition and critical observers in media and social activists and closely observing AAPians.

5.Delhi witnessed right from almost all the metro station, major locations across Delhi hoarding of high value that coast lacs to have one placement for over two months. And immense liquidity for mobilization, pamphlets, banners, transportation, events, communication, social net working, ads on TV on various channels that cost fortunes were busing with AAP presence. Giving a clear sing that AAP is not more a party with a difference and with fund starved election campaign.

6. AAP is listing the donations on web, but it is not listing the expenditure. A estimated campaign expense for each constituency by candidate plus the party supported expenditure is not made public. Who took the call on how the expenses would be made and approval of various heads and expense is  not clear. Was their a committee to authorize the expenses. What was the mode of expenses. By all assessments AAP was if not ahead in expense it was not behind BJP which is understood from un official sources had spent huge sums figures say over 700 crores on lower side.

7. BJP spent much on rallys of PM Modi mobilizing thousands for his rallies. But it is surprising BJP with all the power at its disposal money, machines and mobilization failed to fill cadre which is dedicated mostly the RSS cadre that fills the BjP rallies it happens by juts a press of a button. It seemed the rallies of BJP had empty seats and no mass following.

8, Many indicators give a insight a force was working to make Modi loose popularity for simple reason RSS was not very happy about Modi and his growing popularity. It wanted the Modi wave to end and Modi to come to ground to be make him understand it is RSS  that makes a wave and dumps a leader to ground when ever it wants to.

9.In a way RSS did a plan to keep AAP buzzing in Delhi and cut Modi to size on one hand. And also it is quit possible it pumped members in to AAP from BJP to be RSS men in AAP to be available under command to act when needed, this is a fear that is clear. Some how it could be possible hypothetically some section in AAP understood the game plan. And found it convenient to all it to take shape. As long as the party is ensured winning in Delhi.

10.Strong suspicion arises due to the U turn party has taken on its commitments to nation and its plans in Delhi. No argument is finds logic accept that their is some external force applied on the party by medium not know clearly. To take to stands for the blessings that were seen all clearly during the elections campaign. A big U turn from any spread in other states. Full concentration in Delhi alone. And direct with in no time on 14 th Feb in speech of AK exposing  top senior leader of giving statements that party will be contesting in states beyond Delhi. Dumping the statements of the senior leader and giving clear declaration no no to India AAP and its states political and issue based functioning.

11. One had to understand what was the hurry in giving such a statement, who was gaining from AAP inaction politically in States. Like in Bihar, Bengal and Punjab that are slated in latter this year and Punjab in 2017. AAP gained momentum across nation on 10 th feb with its historic victory. How can a senior leader who was accepted as national leader and whole nation expected AAP to shoulder responsibility in states too, take a U turn and disappoint and left the whole nation in a state of dismay. Could the reason be BJP conspiracy was already in place and such statement was a key to put conspiracy in place who pitched the statement in to the mouth of AK.

12. As long as Congress was losing BJP was enjoying now that Congress has nothing much to loose. The focus nationally shifted on BJP and any gain of AAP was loss of BJP in any of the states. That also meant strengthening of Secular forces like JD U, Trinamol, in state elections. BJP is the major gainer for with drawl of AAP from national scene for coming five years.

13.Questions arise was it a historic blunder to declare AAP will not be contesting elections in any states and will focus in Delhi alone for five years. Punjab is waiting for AAP and it is suffering from the Akali and BJP mafia it will be a clear sweep for AAP if it decides to fight election on all seats in Punjab in 2017 Assembly elections. The Punjabis are shocked why did AK make such an statement. The Punjab AAP is faced with severe embarrassment people are pouring with questions to get clarity on AAP’s stand to contest elections.

14, AK statement triggered rifts in AAP top leader ship. The issue basically is will AAP be standing for the people of the nation across India and raise issues and fight for right of the people and save them for the corrupt politics or will it give a free playing field to BJP to conquer.

15,Both Yogender Yadav and Prasahant Bhushan are in odd list of RSS, one for being too leftist and another for his extra democratic and secular stature. Are their simple democrat correction requests in the form of letter so disturbing they are put to embarrassment. When now Dy CM Sisodia was first to make letter of Yogender Yadav public in media  when he raised question on function of party after June defeat in LS.

16.BJP and RSS seemed to have made way to exploit  the immaturity of AAP leadership. But Congress seems to be washing hands while  the Ganga of Conspiracy is flowing in full all around AAP  with whole leadership divided. And no great sign of making sensible re union. Their are people in party who follow a set ideology, A very popular perception is their is immense deficit of inner party democracy, party is reducing in to a close very close inner circle.

17, Top leaders in the party have fear for failure in the party due to lac of its mechanism to run a transparent and effective democratic party that is expected to be evolving well thought systems and delegation of responsibilities at bottom up in the top bodies of party. In absence to it fear is the party will run in to tough weather time and again.

18. It is sad the Muslim angle has dominated the air time for over three to four days till yesterday. Was it to shift the focus form the real issue of party and its senior leaders differences on real issue that are deter-mental for the health of the party. Very senior leader very close to AK has made a systematic effort from the real issue to a Muslim verses AK sting.

Absolute displeasure is seen among volunteers of all age groups and gender neutral, a senior lady member from Andhra Pradesh was of the opinion the pride with which she used to wear the AAP Cap has diminished enormously, a senior social activist with great pain said. She will not wear the Cap any more

In Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Naidu, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, UP and Rajastan volunteers in AAP are very disappointed they need to be informed all and taken in to full confidence. It looks their is a bit of bitterness among the MLAs in Delhi, forcing party to give various positions in boards and chairmen ships to the MLAs and assigning the remaining as the P S to five ministers of AAP in Delhi.

Efforts with various channels to make AAP leaders settle differences to brave a united face and collectively ask pardon from the volunteers and nation for disappointing even in historic victory. The real test of AK YY PB SS and rest is will they be wise enough to sense the mood of volunteers and nation and discipline them selves.  Only consolation is Delhi govt is expected to do good work. But unity is bigger than any thing

Today AK will be in Delhi, volunteers want to hear from AK and answers to all the mess and mudslinging in since it began a day before he left of Bangalore for treatment. I am sure AK will be in best state of mind to under stand the fact that AAP has to follow the core values it has set and prove it values them most.

BJP is enjoying it has no rival to challenge in most parts of India. By AAP volunteering to declare its incompetence to participate in electoral battles in states the vote cutting that has began from Delhi against BJP thanks to may be the theory of conspiracy of RSS working. BJP is all in celebration mood. The dark horses will be good state parties and if the Congress gets to collect it self and evolve new leadership and introspect the possibility of Congress gaining ground in absence of AAP can not be ruled out in states.

Jai Hind

Adil Mohammed

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4 comments on “AAP shakes nations trust, proves political immaturity. Resulting – Conspiracy to Succeed. A must read for every Indian.

  1. adilmohammed"blog
    March 17, 2015

    NEW DELHI: Internal strife may have adversely impacted the Aam Aadmi Party’s coffers with online donations petering down to a few thousands from lakhs a day in the last three weeks. The party has got only about Rs 74,000 in the last five days with barely Rs 13,199 being contributed by eight donors on Monday. This is in sharp contrast to online contributions after the poll results when the party mopped up as much as Rs 36 lakh a day.

    AAP hit the Rs 1 lakh mark ten times between February 10 and February 26 but managed to collect above a lakh of rupees only thrice after that. The national executive meeting took place on February 26 after which reports of differences between AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal and members Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav emerged.

    READ ALSO: Bhushan, Yadav worked to defeat AAP: Kejriwal camp

    Between February 26 and March 4 (when Bhushan and Yadav were ousted from the political affairs committee), collections dipped to as low as Rs 6,031 a day. Online contributions remained consistently low till Monday with the exception of three days. On March 4 and March 5, the party collected Rs 2.76 lakh and Rs 5.77 lakh respectively. The highest collection since February 26 was on March 11 when it received Rs 12 lakh.

    About half the party’s funders are based in Delhi, contributing 44.5% of the online donations. Maharashtra contributes 17% of the donations followed by 7.5% from Karnataka and 6.3% from UP.

    Sources said usually, collections tend to rise around polls, peaking just before elections and then witnessing a slump. For instance, AAP collected Rs 1.22 crore and Rs 1.04 crore on January 31 and February 4 in the countdown to the polls. It has not hit the Rs 1 crore mark since then.

    The present slump is worrying for AAP as it is accompanied by a disenchantment of supporters and volunteers across the country.

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