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Bhagwat Mann Ko Apney Mann Ka Appman Nahin Karna Chahaieye.

maxresdefaultLUDHIANA: Accusing AAP’s founder leaders Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav of damaging the party, its MP Bhagwant Mann on Sunday demanded their expulsion from AAP.
Stating that the party was supreme, Mann said early action against them would be in the interest of the party.

Talking to reporters here, the Sangrur MP said both the leaders were hatching conspiracies against the party during Delhi Assembly elections.

I respect Bhagwat Mann. His sudden spill bothers. He gives no grounds for his repulsive tone. He is man of humor, sudden u turn gives wide open room for activity that easily can be termed as conspiracy.

Is Mann uncomfortable due to AAP movement of Jai KisSan lead by Yogender Yadav. as MP his duty is to address burning national issues.

We do not see his stand on mob leching of innocent by thousands, nirbhaya, prize rise in AAP Delhi of commodities. Rise in atrocities against women.

Man should not Apmaan his Maan, he has to be patient things will get sorted out.

AK YY PB are un separable their differences are of principles not for power.

Black sheep’s are those who are opportunist and irresponsible they will be dumped,  My appeal to Mann is please work for unity ….  your win is blessing of unity and AAP ideology not individual leader.

He should to in his  constituency get some feel of voters and people  how they feel about AAP and AK YY PB. Their is no big issue it is just that AAP will go forward unitedly that is only way forward, bridge not blast in to differences. 

I do not like to reach to far fetched thinking Mann might be offered position in AAP PAC or NE to behave like a loyalist to Sisodia. I am sure Mann is a good person he understands and will do manthan.

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