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Is Asotosh’s humiliation to Arvind not an abuse of AAP ? His book vindicates expulsions were fixed.

Ashotosh in Chandni Chowk faced mob anger. Had to leave the site ...

Ashotosh in Chandni Chowk faced mob anger. Had to leave the site …2014 elections 2014.  Strength of Ashotosh does not come form followers then where form it comes. is for the reader to guess.

Astosh is disrespecting party by humiliating Arvind Kejriwal. Arvind is an emotional and truthful person he had his emotional moments too like most of us have.

Time of India today writes about Ashotosh – Pushed to the wall by intra-party strife after the Lok Sabha debacle, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal had decided to quit politics. Delhi election committee group member Ashutosh on Sunday said Kejriwal was so disheartened by allegations that AAP had a “supremo style” that he had decided to hang up his boots.

“Kejriwal was so upset after the June 2014 national executive meeting that he discussed it with his family and decided to quit politics for good. It was only after both Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan met him the next day and convinced him that he changed his mind,” Ashutosh, a Kejriwal confidant, said. He added that Yadav and Bhushan had assured Kejriwal that they would work under his leadership.

The disclosure comes even as the party appears to be divided between the Bhushan-Yadav duo and Kejriwal’s supporters. The differences led to the duo’s expulsion from AAP’s political affairs committee on March 4

My question to Ashotosh to speak for greater participation, democracy, accountability and credible selection is considered crime by Ashotosh and his friends who are mainly responsible for the mess.  Since how long Ashotosh is with AAP he has to answer did he not come to get political mileage and a  MP ticket which he got. Did he not join AAP to on certain conditions and support and position committed, was he not told to abide by the core values of AAP. Did get all from the party now how is that he thinks he is above law or the party and its principles and norms. .

Before him thousands of better people more capable and sincere were in party why he was selected and his climb to potions of power in party was swift like few of his close friends in party too.

Was he not enjoying powers in hand of AK and SS YY PB all these months. Does he today not aspiring to be MP in RS like many in media hint today. Does he not see if the once he is opposing remain his chance is dead.

He loves AK because he, he should not feel bad if I accuse he had an agenda to gain political space and  benefit he has to great extent gained. I  too love AK because I salute Ak for his motto towards India and its people. I have worked very closely with him and have shared much in a truly selfless manner expecting nothing at all, only to make sure he is supported to make the dream of swaraj and clean nation from the corrupt politics.

In his book ‘The Crown Prince, The Gladiator And The Hope’, Ashutosh recalls how Yadav had resigned from all party posts alleging that AAP had fallen prey to a “personality cult”. The book says, “Arvind’s face fell. He rose and excused himself to leave the room. He started to say something, but could not complete. He broke down and as tears fell unheeded, he crumbled to the floor. … After some time, …Arvind regained his composure. Ashotosh should know it should  by this be simple to understand how connected and valuable relation both Arvind and Kejriwal shared and the value Yogender brought to party.

The book adds that Kejriwal said, “I have not left my job and other good things of life just to become a convener of the party. I don’t want this. Please elect someone as the national convener.” This is true Arvind has not left the job for becoming convenor of party. But it is also true tens of people have raised many allegations on AK that does not mean the allegations are true,  unless proved beyond doubt and raised in internal lok pal and put to evidence test.

Ashutosh added that around August-September 2014, Shanti Bhushan wrote a “nasty letter” to Kejriwal threatening to “expose” him if he didn’t step down as national convener and make way for Yadav. Shanti Bhushan is individual can Ashotosh produce are clip or a letter or a statement Yadav him has approved or has shown intention to become convener. If not he should apologize.

He claimed that Yadav and Bhushan were planning to remove Kejriwal for a long time and wanted AAP to lose the Delhi assembly elections. Hilarious allegations. These do not help the party. When he claims Yadav resigned from all positions in party on his own the question of fighting for position does not arise. This could be a build up assuming the views of Senior Shanti Bhushan are views of YY and PB. Which are not.

Meanwhile, responding to questions on infighting, Yadav said he had told party men that there should be no more questions and answers. “Everybody is working for the party, infighting and similar other words were used in the last 5-7 days. Party workers have come with a lot of hope and expectations, they do not want it should go on further and I also do not want it to go on further… I have also told party men no more questions and answers now. It is enough. Now work is to be done. We have not come here to fight with each other, we are here to remove corruption,” he told reporters in Panchkula. “A lot of things have happened in the last few days. I have requested all party workers that whatever happens, do not lose faith and hope in the party and its idea,” he added.

Yadav was in Panchkula for the party’s ‘Jai Kisan Abhiyan’ which was launched in February against the BJP government in the state and the Centre to oppose “anti-farmer” policies of the party.My request to Ashotosh whom I feel is a valuable person needed in AAP he should not do mudslinging, please do not play emotional game.

Even not it is not made public if Arvind has accepted to be convener, last we heard is his resignation second time in PAc on 4th which he did not attend. And there is no statement for Pankaj Gupta what happened to the letter he carried from AK resigning or the second time. In such a state it is un clear on his status as convener. If Ashotosh is saying the party has not approved. Volunteers of India AAP would like to know why he was not given approval and why he is not asked to explain and stop his Anti Farmers movement in Punjab. Why ???? Ashotosh should realize he is in trap of his own statments and writing. I thought he is wise but he is proving to be ordinary.

I am not saying YY and PB are foot soldiers of AK, none should be it is a party of equals. Un fortunate is some are acting so and lowering dignity of AK. . I believe they are equals they all did flaws it is the perspective that matters. do not plague atmosphere and try to regain your position in eyes of AK by accusing PB and YY.

AK YY PB never claimed they are above party norms.The fight is of principles and nothing more. I would be happy if Ashotosh takes it so, he said it is fight for principles but he is today making it fight of individuals.

I advice you to read them to understand where mistakes are happening. do not be content Delhi is won totally without few norms compromised. Ashotosh will be aware an influx in AAP in week before elections is a factor too

The selection of mlas has been select too. Do you feel comfortable when some one says caste and win ability were primer cretoria or selection of candidates in Delhi. think pl do not complicate we all have freedom to speak but do not forget you are in AAP not in media or a family to some and rival yo many.

lastly your revelations vindicate the argument that minds were made against YY n PB it was pre decided months before to remove YY n PB. now is their more to say,

Note :  Volunteers this is AAP a party that demands self less thoughts and actions. Let us uphold the commitments we gave to the people of the nation and strengthen the hands of top leadership. This letter will be in the inbox of Ashotosh and AK YY PB PG and all top leaders too.

Get to work Get to New Strengths and Service to People Initiative. with inputs from times of india today.

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