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“AAP is not any Individual’s party, Neither it originated from Nagpur nor from 10 Janpat. AAP belongs to its Volunteers” Yogender Yadav opens heart – Silences critics. A

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Yogender Yadav silences allegations, speaks all truth and nothing but truth. In an interview to India News on 6th March 2013..

Unfortunately too much of mudslinging is done by loyalist on one side against the other side. The receiving side has been unfortunately can not be but termed as side of Yogender Yadav and Prashant Bhushan.

The decorum of the party if any individuals have maintained it is these two tallest leaders of party who are integral part of AAP and its founder who ever is expecting they will in any way,  think of any thing but strengthening the party and living up to the dream of AAP as party with difference will be disappointed.

Which has not been the case with the the other side and people like  to mentioned in many of my article earlier have run a campaign against Yogender and Prashant, they have in most un democratic manner and indecent allegations are leveled against them both with not any head or tale to the allegations.

Both Yogender Yadav and Prashant Bhushan will bear the embarrassment due to false allegations  on them by some mislead or ill informed or over reactive honored members of the party.  Individuals like Asish, Anjanli Damani and Dilip Pandey and few others are realizing and soon they will realize it was not right on their part raising figure that  could not be substantiated.

Serious issues were openly discussed by many and the battle of Delhi reached to states like Maharashtra and Tamil Naidu. In all with out naming any one it is important for me some of the party members and office former and present office bearers have tried to be opportunist and leveled allegations un founded on  the process of selection by  of Mission Vistar. This is not proper.

I request all the disgruntled volunteers from the manner in which the things have shaped in past few days and the battle in PAC and manner in which Yogender and Prashant were sidelined. This is the time to strengthen the principle of internal democracy and internal transparency and procedures. And focus of keeping the party united and strengthened. Any leaders or volunteers who are thinking of resigning should not do that that would be worst for the party and the commitment the AAP has given to people of the nation.

aap-cover (2)To me my loyalty is with India and the principles on which the party is formed and with the volunteers across nation. I would work to bring the two sides close and build it party strong.

Both Yogender Yadav and Prashant Bhushan have kept cool, they have not show aggression nor have resorted to false allegations nor have resorted to hurt or attempt distrust and incite disrespect among and  with in party and volunteers.

Both have answered to the media,and to the volunteers with dignity and registered a  broad message calling all for party unity and strengthening the party both externally and internally.

The media did it best to provoke both Yogender and Prasahant but they kept cool and have been firm in with holding the party dignity and not become reason for parties embarrassment.

Yogender Yadav said “Both him and YY did raise several issues in the party with AK. like greater transparency, inner party democracy and discipline. Accountability and Decentralization of authority refraining from becoming a party like other paarties that where powers are in one mans hand.  The party is formed to bring swaraj in the nation we need to honor it.”

Speaking on the States Yogender Yadav Said “We believe the state units should be empowered to take up the broad decision that are faced by the states. But yes as for the elections and the LS and Assemblies is concerned the decision do have to be originated from the central bodies in Delhi.” in short the question of building the party is crucial that states need to be strengthened and leaders ship and new blood evolved in lines of the principles of the party to serve the people and work with them as responsible political party.

The direction is clearly given by Yogender Yadav to AAP party and volunteers after so much of mudslinging and accusations the person is un disturbed and does not like to accuse those who are making allegations and on  him. He like to give them all benefit of doubt thinking may be they are not informed rightly or may be their understanding is influenced and refuse to find fault with them too.

This is the hope I get from the deliberation of Yogender Yadav  here is a man who has all qualities to lead the nation and to the party though he is not interested in becoming the convener but he sure is the material for  bigger posts and authorities. for him he is content to see Arvind as Convener and considers him as the tallest leader and the Trump card of the Game of Politics in the country and he is the light un whom the party will reach high goals and it is him who has been the energy behind the victory of AAP in Delhi.

My request to Mayank Gandhi who is harassed by the group on the other side specially Asish. Mayank hinted he will thing of resigning. my humble request to MG and any one who is thinking of resigning un happy with the party to have faith in the promise we made and the support of lacs of volunteers and best wishes and aspirations of  1.23 billion Indians who are waiting to see AAP prevail and win India like it won Delhi.

To me my loyalty is with India and the principles on which the party is formed and with the volunteers across nation. I would work to bring the two sides close and build it party strong.  Hope is first step in journey that may look tough but once the right intentions and clear heart and mind is in place nothing is impossible. Jai Hind Swaraj Hamara Sankalp.

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