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2S’s & 2A’s of Kejriwal Sabotaged Consensus to Humiliate Yogender Bhushan – Why PAC did not protest ?

bjp-government-in-delhi-with-45-seats-aap-to-get-25-seats-surveyMayank Gandhi has said what he saw and experienced he is a loyal aapians like me. His fears are genuine and need to be raised at top level. The president set yesterday is creation of self becoming big and deep plan of conspiracy. truth will prevail soon. Arvind soon should realise the blunder committed in the name of decipline. so much in me to express, the fine line of party decipline is holding me. But my fears are soon going to be sent to party convenor and NE and PAC members. I hope the correction and wisdom is revived before such letters to top leaders in partyare posted. making them open to volunteers of a AAP in lacs across India.  Arvind Kejriwal has not shown basic responsibility to wards leading from the front, attempting to guide  What happened in NE meeting from the the members present in side the meeting hall, a clear act of a directed dictate being followed put to action by most trusted right hand of Arvind Kejriwal and Sisodia teamed with Asish Khatan Sanjay Singh and Ashtosh Gupta.

The action of Sisodia ( He was not at all in the news but he was the brain behind it did its stoke play in the moments that were crucial for the party)  as explained by Maharashtra Leader Mayank Gandhi who was present in the meeting is not pardonable. A clear target-ted sabotage of consensus that was prevalent among the PAC members. But a unholy discussion in confines among the foot soldiers of Arvind wrote most unholy climax for a meeting that was to conclude with much dignity for party and the eliminated members Yogender and Prashant.

Serious action is to be taken and demanded to put the whole matter to the internal lok pal and investigate. All the four need to face internal Lok Pal and be sentenced as per the Internal Lok Pal norms.

Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan were willing to quit or stay away but were sacked by Kejriwal loyalists, says Mayank Gandhi

Even as Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal left for Bengaluru to undergo naturopathy treatment for ten days on Thursday, more details emerged of the National Executive meeting on Wednesday which saw the ouster of senior leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan from the Political Affairs Committee of the party

Both Mr. Yadav and Mr. Bhushan were ready to quit from the party’s top decision-making body but got sacked by Kejriwal loyalists, senior AAP leader Mayank Gandhi said in a blog post.

Mr. Gandhi, one of the 19 who attended the meeting on Wednesday, quoted Mr. Yadav and Mr. Bhushan as saying that Kejriwal did not want them in the PAC.

Both were willing to stay out of the PAC provided they were not singled out and also put forth two formulae for the purpose, Gandhi said.

Mr. Yadav and Mr. Bhushan suggested a reconstitution of the nine-member PAC with new members elected through voting in which they would not contest.

Second, the PAC could continue in the present form but with Mr. Yadav and Mr. Bhushan not attending its meetings.

“The meeting broke for some time and Manish [Sisodia] and others conferred with the Delhi team of Ashish Khetan, Ashutosh, Dilip Pandey and others.

“After reassembling, Manish proposed a resolution that Yadav and Bhushan be removed from the PAC and it was seconded by Sanjay Singh,” Mr. Gandhi wrote in his blog.

Mr. Sisodia, who is Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister, as well as Mr. Khetan, Mr. Ashutosh, Mr. Pandey and Sanjay Singh are all considered Kejriwal loyalists. Some of them made stinging comments against Mr. Bhushan and Mr. Yadav ahead of the meeting, virtually accusing them of staging a revolt against Kejriwal.

Mr. Gandhi said he abstained from voting along with some others at the National Executive meeting as he had agreed that Mr. Bhushan and Mr. Yadav may remain out of the PAC and get some other responsibilities as Mr. Kejriwal needed a smoother working of the PAC.

“I was taken aback by the resolution of removing them publicly, especially as they themselves were willing to leave. Also, this decision to sack them was against the overwhelming sentiments of volunteers from all over the world,” Mr. Gandhi said.

Mr. Gandhi, who is convenor of the Maharashtra unit of the Aam Aadmi Party, argued that his revelations did not tantamount to a revolt or a publicity ploy and he was prepared for any repercussions.

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