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Yogender Yadav “AAP is creation of sweat and blood of Volunteers. Will not break, Will not leave, Will Correct and Will ensure correction”


Yogender Yadav “AAP is creation of sweat and blood of Volunteers. Will not break, Will not leave, Will Correct and Will ensure correction”

Yogender Yadav on reaching to day at the National Executive Meeting minutes before enter the meeting the media was frenzy to get a bite from him, he requested the media he will be speaking to them soon and wanted them to allow him to go enter the meeting first. But the media insisted him to speak he stopped his car stopped and he spoke to the large media present and this is what he said to them in a brief minute an a half. These wards again are big news already on media channels and is a big message to the volunteers and the people of the nation.

Yogender Yadav Said Qoute ” Today is a big day and big day is always for doing big things. The problem that is seen is not always a problem, It is also an always an oppertunity to take bigger steps forward. AAP is still a small child. We are all learning. I have full confidence today even we will be able to come to you again and tell you that AAP has walk one step ahead and not a set back. From my side I wish to say this party is made of sweat and blood of volunteers and in the last 78 hours we have received innumerable messages, I don’t know how many volunteers are trending on social media and sending mail and running unity for AAP hash campaigns writing mails to us for one thing and that is unity of the party. To all those volunteers form your media I would like to tell them all. Na choodengye Na Towdengey, Sudrein Gaye aur Sudhareine Gaye” Wont break, Won’t leave, Correct our self and Correct the Rest”

On asked by media about resignition of Arvind Kejriwal

He said “We have with raised hands have refused to accept the resignition of Arivind and it is not a subject he will be our Convenor of the party…/yogender-yadav-aa…/

10349210_10204089926750487_376638459098903378_nAAP national executive meeting: 8 members voted in favour of Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav, and 11 against them.

07:54 PM

Members of PAC have decided that Yogendra Yadav and me will no more be a part of PAC.

Prashant Bhushan

07:52 PM

AAP meeting ends. Prashant Bhushan is out of party’s political affairs commitee along with Yogendra Yadav.

07:49 PM

I will continue to be in AAP and do whatever responsibility the party gives me.

Yogendra Yadav

07:48 PM

Yogendra Yadav speaks to reporters in New Delhi.

06:54 PM

Watch: Yogendra Yadav shunted out of AAP’s PAC

06:46 PM

Apart from not being in the PAC Yogendra Yadav will also not be the party spokesman anymore, PTI says.

06:44 PM

According to PTI, Yadav came under attack in the meeting for allegedly leaking information to a reporter which was later used in a column.

06:01 PM

Yogendra Yadav shunted out of AAP’s political affairs committee

03:21 PM

Sounding a reconciliatory tone even as his fate in the party hangs in the balance, senior leader Yogendra Yadav said the crisis was an “opportunity” and that he will not quit.

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