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Delhi is AAP’s responsibility – But can Arvind ignore duty towards Nation. What about Commitment to Nation “Desh Mein Swaraj Hamara Sankalp” letter to AAP National Executive by Adil Mohammed

Swaraj-by-Arvind-kejriwalThe speed with which in last couple of days the things of changed for AAP towards bad to worst is surprising. It is not so simple as it is shown this can not be just a issue of of two person or three persons or who should lead the party.  I as a Apian is equally shocked as lacs of AApians are across nation. This is not fair to the members and volunteers across nation. The talks that are made clearly have shown shift from the real AAP commitment to the people of the nation and the promises AAP made to the nation and  its people in particular to Delhi and Varanasi.

Delhi victory in 2013 was achievement, Delhi recognition was a blunder, Lok Sabha venture was ambitious, I would not call it blunder as many wish to call. Delhi 2015 is miracle. Miracle for which AAP was not ready.  In all the amount of hope, energy and passion to serve among the people of nation if tested on the bar of 1 to 10 in Delhi’s 2013 victory it was 6 over. But coming 2015 it touched 10 on scale of 1 to 10. What  more AAP could ask from the people of Delhi and India.

The party at the stroke of victory on 10 th  of Feb 2015 was born to lead nation with miraculous victory in Delhi. Sweeping love, confidence and hope the people of Delhi saw in AAP and its leadership. Which as a  best man Arvind rightly declared in his address to nation from Ramlila Grouds after taking oath as CM Of Delhi on 14 of Feb at about 12 45 pm. Arvind in his speech said “From today I will work for Delhi for complete five years and  I will not go out of Delhi but will serve the people of Delhi to reciprocate the confidence they have shown on AAP” Excellent statement for the moment but it was not complete.

But – He made a historic over sight of one factor and that factor is AAP is a political party that is seen as hope for the nation by its supporters, voters, volunteers and leaders pan India who toed the line of AAP and its leadership to fight corrupt political system of BJP Congress and several other small and big parties in nation and states.

The thing that is making difference is Arvind is some how not able to understand party is not by few people or a set of people. Party is art of taking along vast select mass followers and evolve leaders at every level and trust and monitor and manage them to  allign them in direction of making the dream of party gradually and surely be achieved. In the speech of Ramlila he committed a over sight I do not like to say it was mistake.  He should have said “Delhi I will devote my time and will honor the comitments given to the people of Delhi. But for the nation and 1.23 crore Desh Ki Janta Ko Mere Paigaam Hai. AAP is blessed with great leaders and Desh Key Sachhey Sapoot. I will soon from a Body to address the aspirations of the people of the nation and will wish to to make sure we one day be loved across Nation like we are today loved and miraculously voted to power with ultimate numbers to serve Delhi by the people of Delhi.”

Here was a party that gave hope to all who wanted the suffering of the people be erased. The farmers get their fair share, the youth get good education and good jobs and the elderly respected and taken care. The women get dignity and security from atrocities of arrogant inhuman among males. The vision of India for all and India of equality and justice. Religious tolerance and gender equality and un corrupt society that will grow leaps and bounds.

To my mind as a man with in the party AAP I can not but feel uneasy to the fact that how can Arvind Kejriwal reduce him self for the stature and responsibility to lead and guide to nation on the values and commitments he him self and his book on Swaraj and the the leadership of AAP bond to and on the principles on which the party came to power. The movement of ANNA and the IAC was not for Delhi Against Corruption it was India and it was promise of Swaraj being reality to nation.

in a way Arvind Kejriwal to my mind is under pressure form some close in his inner circle who fear if party expands more people get to share power it will be a insecurity for them. This can not be the sign of a good leadership and evolution of a great national party.

Today statement of Arvind Kejriwal to in media that in no circumstances he will not leave Delhi and he will base him self for five years for Delhi is injustice Arvind is doing to his stature. He is reducing him self form the position of a great national leader to a state leader and in the same swing also reducing party to a state level party by not willing to empower leaders in party to lead in nation and develop good leadership in states and build people to people contact and work for issue that are vital for the people and fight the party in power at every level from streets to parliament.

Nation and supporters and volunteers of AAP across nation are under shock on the statement of Arvind Kejriwal he has not shown commitment towards his own promises and has in a way demotivated the volunteers and leaders across nation.

Noting is lost yet my appeal to the national executive committee  of AAP which  is meeting on 4th in Delh for AAP is simple.

1. Arvind Kejriwal should attend the meeting and speak his mind on this matter which is deter-mental for the status of party as a national party and the promises it made to the nation and whole of 1.23 billion Indians. If this is not clarified no one will be trusted who will come with a vision to make India better and save it from the clutches of corrupt and selfish political parties and their leaders and nexus of babus and crony capitalist the words that are ironically are gifts to India by AAP and its leader him self.

2. Arvind Kejriwal should not resign from the post of Convener and evolve a process where is AAP should have a National Issues and Political Committee headed by Senior Leader Yogender Yadav. He should evolve his team in consultation with PAC and NE with in a month time and take the party to the nation and serve the people and build the Sangahatan.

3. Greater transparency and representation of all sections of the national fabric respecting gender and various sections of Indian society.

4. Immediate formation completion of the process of Mission Vistaar and statements made by NE that AAP is committed for what all it has said and committed in the direction of making India a corruption free nation and bring in Swaraj in true sense in the nation.

5. Arvind  should make it a  point to address the nation from flash visits to states all  two states in a month to energies the party and volunteers and allow joining of good people in the party. And he is inspiration and charismatic leader he has to give it to the nation too and build it and guide the nation team headed by Yogender Yadav. First visit should be from Varanasi and he should spend a day and meet the people in Varanasi who have voted him to give and trusted him.

6. Groupism is like Cancer for AAP if AAP leader Arvind has to find a way to silence all cross talk in party and order desipline immediately and show he is in control rather than saying I am not part of this fist fight of words in going on in party.

7. The party is answerable to not just Dehi is it to India and to all who have voted, worked, supported, funded, helped and fought for. Let their be a immediate joint Press Conference and let their be bigger declaration and make the leadership base broader and effective to take up challenges of Delhi and Nation simultaneously.

8.The mood of the nation on 10  Feb 2015 was upbeat it was the time to do all what is mentioned in listed points from 1 to 7. Now the mood has lowered and people are confused and for this it is our failure as party. Let us apologize to the people of nation. Arvind knows well the BJP is enjoying this time and it will put fuel to fire it wants AAP to get weakened and we are only help ing BJP by damaging our image.  BJP was a lost option on 10th it was AAP as future political party to lead India but we are doing a self goal by not understanding this. Their is massive space in many states for AAP to gain power and service to the people is best done when you have power and you are in office like in Delhi.

9.AAP needs to have a national media house and a channel of its own it can be coined as AAP ka Swaraj. This will be a best way to hold to our space and be able to give the true picture of party and its vision and direction it is talking on.

With hope and wish this letter will be of value to the leaders in Delhi for AAP and NE will take note of.

Adil Mohammed

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Hyderabad  3rd of March 2015,

story in making…

One comment on “Delhi is AAP’s responsibility – But can Arvind ignore duty towards Nation. What about Commitment to Nation “Desh Mein Swaraj Hamara Sankalp” letter to AAP National Executive by Adil Mohammed

  1. adilmohammed"blog
    March 4, 2015

    WILL ARVIND ATTEND THE NATIONAL EXECUTIVE TODAY OR HE WILL SKIP…. Sources said his skipping the national executive meeting today will also allow him to be absent when party leaders discuss and vote on whether Mr Yadav and Mr Bhushan should be removed from the decision-making Political Affairs Committee of AAP. The meeting of NE of AAP with out presence of Arvind will not be right thing to happen. Arvind needs to take care of his health. He is advised treatment. But it will be of high appreciation if Arvind takes differs the date of meeting after his treatment if not attend the meeting and put to rest the embarrassment is caused by differences among the top leaders on issues related to party. What do you feel AK should do..

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