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“Bedi cribbing Muslims defeated her – Muslims are wise they need no Bukahri to Advice.” BJP sowing objectionable seeds of polarization.

KRISHNA-NAGARThe iron lady Kiran Bedi  not able to take defeat sportively. She first took the responsibility for defeat of BJP in Delhi and her failure to win Delhi. Then in a after thought she blamed BJP and its leadership and told them she is not be blamed for disgraceful defeat of BJP in Delhi.  Obviously Amit Shah sure must have pulled her up for going out of contract of if  BJP wins the credit is with Modi  and Amit and it losses the blame is her’s.  She had to find a new way out,  she found it convenient to blame it on Fatwa.

 Kiran Bedi …. “I was told voting for me in Krishna Nagar dropped in places where fatwa was given. I want it to be inquired,” she added.

Kiran Bedi appeared to blame a “fatwa” by Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari, appealing to Muslims to support AAP, for her defeat in BJP’s traditional stronghold of Krishna Nagar in East Delhi and sought a probe into it by the Election Commission.

A day after the BJP suffered a rout in the Delhi assembly elections 2015, party’s chief ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi shot off a letter to the Election Commission saying fatwas impact the freedom of choice to vote.

“These fatwas have an impact as they mean a direction. Should EC allow such last moment directions, is it good for democracy?” she said.

She said the Election Commission should inquire the issue to know whether the Shahi Imam’s appeal to Muslims a day before the polls had any impact on the electoral outcome.

Bedi claimed that though she was leading in the vote count, her vote share started dropping when counting of votes in a Muslim-dominated area of her constituency was taken up.

A day ahead of the polls on February 7, Bukhari appealed to Muslims to vote for AAP but the party promptly rejected the offer. Though it was an appeal by Bukhari, several BJP leaders called it “fatwa”.  She knows very well AAP is not in business of doing any sort of politics of faith and polarization. The party had rejected the so called fatwa or the appeal by the Imam immediately. The Muslims of Delhi were angry at the way Imam who is not a great friend of Muslims did what was not requested. Such politics is done by Congress.

She forgets BJP had RSS to influence. Hindus do not need RSS to guide them too.

Now no statement from a such religious heads in Muslims or Hindus do not have any influence. She forgets Amit Shah had put on ground to support the campaign of BJP over 20000 RSS karyakartas and hundred of pracharaks to manage Delhi Campaign. Such efforts were similar like fatwa of Imam.

How ever when it comes to AAP, AAP supporters and voters in any faith are not bothered by such dictates.

Today AAP leader Raghav Chadha on Wednesday said that BJP leader Kiran Bedi should introspect on the reasons of her loss in the recently held Delhi assembly polls, rather than blaming Jama Masjid Shahi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari’s alleged ‘fatwa’ for it.

Chadha was reacting to Bedi, in an interview with mediapersons, blaming the ‘fatwa’ issued by the Shahi Imam. The former IPS officer also called for the Election Commission to conduct an inquiry into the same.

“Kiran Bedi has lost the election from an assembly constituency which was considered a stronghold of the BJP. Now that she has lost that constituency, she needs to introspect rather than putting the responsibility of her defeat on such factors,” Chadha told ANI.
Chadha also accused the BJP of ‘propping’ up the Shahi Imam, claiming that they were attempting to malign the image of the AAP.”As far as the ‘fatwa’ controversy is concerned… they have tried everything to malign the AAP’ image,” he said.
Bedi lost to Aam Aadmi Party’s SK Bagga by 2,277 votes from Krishna Nagar, a seat which was considered the safest for BJP. BJP managed to win just three seats in the 70-member assembly. I was in the constituency their are over 34000 Muslims and nearly 23000 voters from Muslim Community.

This elections it is fact the maximum percentage of voting has been done by Muslims in all Muslim localities and dominant wards. Average is nearly 67 percent for Delhi in the Muslim areas the percentage of voting in whole of Delhi in nearly has been above 85 percent.

What Bedi is accusing is cooked up to defame the Muslims and bow seed of polarization between communities. She is reminding fatwa is to influence. She has to know Fatwas in today’s India can be acquired under influence by the political parties from clerics. Thus the days of blind faith are over.

If Muslims were as she says were polarized why does she not accept that if she had her loyal base in BJP why did it not get polarized in favor of BJP. This is mere cribbing.

Krishna nagar was a safe seat for BJP it has remained historically BJP seat. Her coming has lowered BJP base so badly BJP lost K Nagar.  Her opponent AAP MLA S K Bagga is very popular and a respected well connected tax consultant. He and his team knew well Bedi made winning ease. Had Harshvadhan been the candidate the battle would have been much tougher. S K Bagga  S K Bagga and we all in KN were confidant of victory with good margins.  I carried  an interview with S K Bagga on 4 th of Feb read it on this


I have ground info that the BJP did cross voting and the loyalist of Harshvardhan agry for not giving him seat abstained from voting that dented Bedi and she lost. Blaming Muslims and or Hindus is bad she has to apologize with them for her accusations. She should introspect why she failed she failed because she did not belong to KN, and she is victim of cross voting by BJP cadre who were angry with her for helicopter landing as CM candidate.

(Inputs from ANI, PTI)

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