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Will Kejriwal refuse Z security provided by Delhi Police ? Mind you “He is given life threat by Fanatic Hindu Mahasabha Member”

kejriwal01Chief Minister-designate Arvind Kejriwal was on Tuesday given Z—plus security by the Delhi Police under which he will be protected round-the-clock by 12 commandos armed with automatic guns.

“Arvind Kejriwal has been provided with Z plus security,” Special Commissioner (Security) S B K Singh said.

Under the heightened security cover, armed guards will be kept at his residence and visitors will have to pass through Door Framed Metal Detector (DFMD).

A pilot car followed by two escort cars carrying security personnel will accompany Kejriwal wherever he goes. Kejriwal is set to take oath on February 14 at Ramlila Grounds after the AAP swept the Delhi Assembly elections by winning 67 of the 70 seats.

Delhi Police has already conveyed to its counterparts in Ghaziabad about the security arrangements made for Kejriwal.

After he takes oath on Saturday, other facilities such as deployment of traffic police motorcycles for clearance of roads for his convoy will be provided.

The AAP leader had, last time, not agreed to the security measures but the Delhi and Uttar Pradesh Police had suo moto made arrangements for his security. Though he had refused even to this day he is having security which follows him where ever he goes.

Just yesterday  one Swami Omji a HIndu Mahasabha leader who contested against Arvind Kejriwal in New Delhi seat. Threatening Kejriwal, he said, “I am against Kejriwal, he is anti-national. On 21, January 2014 – I entered Kejriwal’s house and thrashed him.” He even dared the AAP leader by saying that he will kill anti-nationals like Kejriwal

Claiming to be from Hindu Mahasabha, he mentioned, “We killed Mahatma Gandhi. In the future, we will try to convince anti-nationals like Kejriwal. If he doesn’t listen, we will shoot him and kill him.”

Hindu Mahasabha’s leader Swami Omji has threatened to gun down Kejriwal. Omji’s message in this regard has gone viral on social media. Omji had contested the Delhi Assembly elections against Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal.
In an interview available on Youtube, he said if Kejriwal do not understand, he will be gunned down. Omji said that he belonged to dynasty of Parshuram, and is not a ‘sadhu’ who merely rings bells.

Arvind Kejriwal has maintained he does not need any security. But with this Swami Omji threatening with life. Can Arvind remain adamant and refuse to take security is question only Arvind can decide.

But in the present environment and insecurity for such fundamental elements his safety is a cause of concern. And the party can not afford to allow Arvind Kejriwal to be without safety cover. I appreciate the stand of Arvind for refusing security. But he has to be under security.

The fanatic Omji Swami can not be ignored for his statements in the press and open intentions causing harm to Arvind. The Delhi police and the Home Minister should book an FIR on Swamy Omji  investigate people behind his intention first round him off at the ealiest and bring him to book. This Omji can not be ignored.

Why the BJP Govt and the Home Ministry is not acting on this fanatic Omji and why no FIR is not booked yet is matter of concern too. We do not like to any such criminal intent people who are openly boasting about killing of Mahatma Gandhi the father of nation and now find Arvind on like Mahatma who is standing firm on values we Indian stand and are bonded with by virtue of our ethos and fabric of unity in diversity.

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