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Sun is rising in Delhi – With renewed hope. Delhi is marching for a Government of AAP. Congratulations to All.

download (4)The Day we all waited for has come the sun has surfaced with renewed home for our national capital the millions of Delhiets woke up to experience the new Sun rising one in the sky and one on the earth.

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal must have done his yoga and prayanam and the Mandir, Masjids, Girija and Gurudwar, sure have in hearts and hearts people from various sections and colors of orgin must have ring bells in temples, bowed in front of God and prostrated with prayers and sang praises of God and served the poor and help the pass byiers and feed the piegions in the capital at corner of round abouts.

All with a request to the creator of this universe Oh God Give our Delhi Jusitce and bring Imaan Dar Satta for relieve and resolve sufferings of the millions and re energise the dream of making Delhi worlds best city and its people provided and happy.

A mother singing songs of hope the children walk out on rickshaws and walk on bye lines to school sure of walk by home afternoon with to a Delhi with new air.

Couple of hours to go and the trends will show how big is the victory of AAP, volunteers and leaders of AAP across nation in a festive mood, not over doing not losing calm waiting for the new rising sun with new promises and new hope of a better and vibrant future. Beginning demands greater inertia, the inertia came in to the demand form pan India.

The darkness of falsehood today fears rising of a brighter sun , to banish the darkness and bring in glow of brightness beginning with Capital Delhi on a not soo cool winter morning.

A promise is made the sun will simple across nation spreading glow and humiliate the darkness of across in from chain like the color of a threatening selfish spices.

The enemies of brightness will be humiliated and the brightness of truth will prevail brings smiles and energy among the hopeful millions across.

The sun today has a plan it wants to share smiles and take oath form AAP to keep up the promises made and will be witness to ensure they are kept. AAP will not let the rising sun embarrassed with sweat and dedication AAP will lead the light to erase the darkness in lifes of millions and take the glow beyond to the nation across. God Willing Insahlah,

NEW DELHI: Counting of votes for the high-profile Delhi assembly polls in which the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) are locked in a direct fight began at 8am on Tuesday.

Early trends are on expected lines with AAP leading in 10 seats and the BJP following closely behind with 9 seats. Congress is ahead in 2 seats.

Five out of seven exit polls have predicted that the Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP may return to power once again in the national capital, with the second place for the BJP. The Congress, which ruled Delhi for 15 years, has been placed at a distant third.  BJP leading in 19 seats AAP leading in 42 seats and Congrss on 2.  AAP is heading towards a victory in expected lines.

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