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Muffler Man Returns – Delhi Celebrates Democracy – AAP 50 seats. BJP 17, Cong 3, Others 0.


AAP has registered moral vitrory. its booth management and cadre on ground has sensed wave in Delhi for Muffler man. Which is also refected in the exit polls just out from ABP and various other channels have given lead to AAP and give a clear exit polls giving AAP a victory. Media Channels ABP and News 24 give clear victory and return to power in Delhi with Arvind as CM.

Electionis always a day of celebration in democracy, and when it is in India it  becomes even  bigger celebration when it is in Capital of India. Delhi is today witnessing a festive mood. I am very happy to day I am part of this celebration. It has become still more significant and enjoyable as I am with Aam Aadmi Party. AAP is party of selfless volunteers in thousands giving their best for party to register historic victory of good over evil.

Delhi this time has a interesting trend. The people of Delhi have become smarter than the politicians. There is a new form of under current the loyalties are shifting on house is intact. The traditional voters are getting are breaking and new alliances of nation and people first building under AAP.

AAP is winning with good majority. Arvind will have record breaking margin victory. Kiran is loosing her seat.

Narender Modi is given fitting reply by People of Delhi for his governments anti people and anti nation, anti peace and harmony policies.

Delhi has displayed unity in diversity. Thanks to AAP party its leadership under Arvind Kejriwal, AAP volunteers who selflessly strived to defeat politics of deceive.

53 seats is what the media is speaking for AAP as per India TV.

The Muffler Man Arvind Kejriwal is back in Delhi. It is set to be back with 53 for AAP a strong peoples government that has is referandum for our constitution, our secular credentials and our people first policy and a clear defeat to vicious and malecious functioning of BJP. RSS and Amit Shah and Kiran Bedi are dumped by Delhi.

Where is Amit Shah and Where is Modi ji – and where is his Wave.  The defeat is defeat of Narender Modi and Amit Shah venomous politics in BJP. BJP has to re think on making Amit as President.

RSS had over thousands of volunteers in Delhi this defeat is defeat of Narender Modi and Amit Shah. AAP has dared RSS and registering defeat for ideology of  RSS form  and Modi and Amit Shah’s politics and lies and propaganda.

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