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“Kiran Bedi losing Krishna Nagar – Fighting S K Bagga of AAP Confidant of Victory” Adil Mohammed.

With S K Bagga Candidate from Krishana Nagar.  He is a  soft spoken confident and a very credible choice of Arvind Kejriwal to make victory of AAP real in KN.

With S K Bagga Candidate from Krishana Nagar. He is a soft spoken confident and a very credible choice of Arvind Kejriwal to make victory of AAP real in KN. At AAP Office in Geeta Colony.

AAP Candidate S K Bagga, Tax Advocate and a Social Activist is upbeat in his  High Voltage Battle against BJP’s Kiran Bedi in Krishna Nagar Constituency. I am at Krishna Nagar was part of rally yesterday and witness to the activities and the hard work the whole team of AAP is putting to ascertain victory in Krishna Nagar reality.

S K Baga is a 60 years plus very credible face and is seen as  right choice of AAP in a constituency which is seen as a strong hold of BJP leader and Cabinet Minister who was face of BJP in last Assembly Elections in Dlehi in 2013. BJP had not announced its candidates when AAP announced its candidates.  S K Bagga was prepared for any challenge from BJP.

According to S K Bagga, candidature of Kiran Bedi has been a advantage for him in Krishna Nagar. Mr Bagga is a resident of Krishna Nagar from over 40 years coming form a very respectable family. He has over 5000 clients in his profession. A man with principles and great social workers. He comes for a strong background

Yesterday AAP Women Shakti and Show of Strength in Krishna Nagar has a rally running in to kilometers with over ten thousand strong supporters in vibrant display of national integration echoing with Panch Saal Kejriwal Song along along the eight Kms Rally. People say they never witnessed in Krishana Nagar beofore.  As I am penning the BJP Kiran Bedi rally reached our office with no more than couple of hundred BJP saffron attired volunteers.  The office at Krishana Nagar and our volunteers got a big boost when they witnessed  a clear miss-match to yesterdays mass appeal and support in AAP rally.

The people in this VIP Constituiency are impressed by the support display by AAP.  S K Bagga said  “I am working for over three months in this area meeting people and understanding the issues faced by them and the issues of the constituency.  Ironically it is shocking Kiran Bedi says not work has been done in Krihana Nagar, she fails to understand this seat of BJP and sitting MLA is Harshwardhan. What does she know about Krishana Nagar she is out sider. I known the problems and people feel my presence and and I am avalable day and night I my party and vision of AAP and leadership of responsible service to the people”  He also said Kiran Bedi is not credible any more her Dhong of Credibility while she was in Anna movement is exposed she has buried her past which was seen as credible by joining a party that is corrupt and divisive”

Bagga continued to say Kiran used to say both Congress and BJP are like filthy gutter. Today she has willing sitting in oneo of  that gutter BJP. She has no class.

Krishana Nagar wants a change like rest of Delhi the mood of Delhi this time  is clearly AAP has to be trusted and given a chance. It is a wave in Delhi in favour of AAP time is 5 30 now as I come to close this article with few more lines,  by 6 PM the campaing curtains will come down on Delhi Elections.

A victory for AAP is certain and hope of S K Bagga has increased since I started writing this article. Rally of Krian Bedi and Harshvardhan was bad show. The parties have till 7th time to do indoor person to person requests. AAP will concentrate on poll booth management delegation that will be the key on the polling day.

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