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Obama said “I would not be President of US, with out inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi” He deserve explanation for Modi’s silence on Godse issue ?

floweral tribute to man who inspired Obama to help him become the President of US.  25 th Jan seen with Mechille.

floweral tribute to man who inspired Obama to help him become the President of US. 25 th Jan seen with Mechille.

This is what the Chief Guest for our 66th Repulic Day had to say about our father of nation Mahatama Gandhi. I wish to remind our Prime Minister where does he stand today. Here is a man who has generous regard for our own Mahatma Gandhi whom not just Obama but  whole battery of world  leaders of our times and times of Mahatma himself held high. HIs principle of peace, harmony and unity of faith and love for all respect for all inspired all.

I have a question to our Prime Minster Narender Modi. When voices in this great nation of Mahatma Gandhi which has won freedom from the British and was able to build a place for its self on the shear values and principles Mahatma Gandhi stood. What makes the Prime Minister Narender Modi to be indifferent to the voices with in his BJP and Saffron Hindu Mahasabha.

Since Modi came to power a section of  Radicals among Hindus in India are systematically defaming Mahatma Gandhi. And trying to bring disrespect to father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and prove whole world wrong on how it feels about Gandhi. Obama who has said in his last visit to India in his talk that “I would not be the President of United State of America had I not been Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi ji”

I feel Obama deserves an explanation from India and Modi why he is silent when the Hindu Mahasabha is on a campaign to promote the fundamental ideology of killer of Mahatma Nathu Ram Godse who was a RSS man. The Hindu Mahasabha plans to have the statues of Nathu Ram Godse across India to prove him right in killing Gandhi ji.

PM Modi can not get away by being mum on the issue of disrespect to Mahatma Gandhi. I can understand Modi who had till yesterday planned to visit with Obama Raj Ghat to pay tributes to father of nation. But last minute it was cancelled. Does it mean PM wanted to escape the subject Mahatma Gandhi and also feared he would be raised the question and concerns that I am raising over the silence of MOdi and why the Hindu Mahasabha is allowed to spill venom and get away.

Obama could have even went to an extent to question Modi ji are not in agreement with what Mahatma Gandhi stood for. I leave the bes sense of the readers to use your imagination of what must be running in the minds of Obama Michelle and Modi on matter of Mahatma Gandhi.

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