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BJP Minister Convicted and Sentenced One Year Jail Term. The Minister Should Resign Immediately.

Muktar Abass Naqvi in Kashmir to woo Shia Voters for BJP back fired in Lieh. in Recent Elections in valley.

Muktar Abass Naqvi in Kashmir to woo Shia Voters for BJP back fired in Lieh. in Recent Elections in valley.

Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, along with 19 others, was convicted by a Rampur Court for breaching prohibitory orders during the 2009 Lok Sabha polls.

Mr. Naqvi, who was arrested and kept  in the Court custody, got bail with in short time.

The court sentenced him for one year jail term even as the BJP supporters thronged the court premises and were seen shouting slogans in support of the minister.

Shame Shame BJP Shame Shame. Naqvi sould resign immediately. BJP lost a big wicket. A Muslim face zeroed is it because he refused to follow Ghar Wapasi agenda.

A convict should resign from post of public office. He should resign from his ministry immediately. The Govt in which he is a RS MP and a Minister has to its credit one new record a conviction on voilation of poll code by a court and a jail term pronounced for an year.

Will Modi and his Sarkar will suspend Muktar Abass Naqvi who is in government as face of Muslims representing the Shia Muslims.

This minister got his ministry just before the Kashmir Elections to woo the Shia Muslims in Leih but he is not a face to be accepted by either the Shias or Sunnis. The results too proved the gambit of Modi did not work in Kashmir.

This could be a one of its rare convictions by the court on offenses of poll conduct and violations of election norms.  It is regular thing in states like Bihar and UP thousands of cases are booked for election code violations

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