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Shakshi Maharaj to Hindu women “Birth Four Children Save Hinduism”

4242I am surprised how did this God Men Sakhi Maharaj win elections he is not just a new comer to the Indian parliament Swami Sachchidanand Hari Sakshi Maharaj is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party and RSS. He has won the Indian general elections, 2014 from theUnnao. He also won Indian general election, 1996 and Indian general election, 1998 from Farrukhabad.  This BJP MP is not a clean slated person too.

UP Police Booked Sachidananad Hari Sakshi alias Sakshi Maharaj, his brother and two others for murder of a former college principal Sujata Verma. Verma (47), a former member of district panchayat and a one-time disciple of Sakshi, was shot dead at the gates of Udaitpur Sakshi Ashram in Etah on April 15 2013.

He was accused in the 1992 Babri masjid demolition. Expelled from the Rajya Sabha for misusing his constituency funds, Sakshi Maharaj has also spent a month in Tihar Jail on rape charges. He was acquitted for lack of evidence and we all know how the evidences can be influenced that part. The amount of media space this God Man has managed to attract is question of concern. Is he deliberately placed in this position to keep the drum beating of saffron agenda alive for the consumption of the fundamentals.  A dozen such names are given full blown media prime time space.

Sakshi Maharaj made news today when he spoke a gathering in Kanpur railway station to a odd 100 audiences. Most of the media cover him even then is enough to understand the media is under influence to keep this man and and rubbish running in the news.  The Maharaj BJP MP said “We have accepted the slogan ‘Hum do, hamare ek’. But others are still maintaining their old perception of large families. The situation has reached an alarming stage and so I want to request women to give birth to at least four children,” said the saffron-clad MP from Uttar Pradesh.

Speaking at Kanpur railway station on Wednesday, he said the statement was made in the interest of the country. “If a Hindu has four children, one can work for the country, one can protect the borders, one can join the RSS and one can serve the parents.”

So even before the birth of the child the MP of ruling BJP decided what will the new born baby will do he will have no four choices. And the women of India just he Hindu women has to have four children if she is to be considered a Hindu who wants to see the interest of the country if she does not have four children will it be considered she is not interested in the interest of the country.

Does it also mean nation means only Hindus and the rest of all what ever good they day are not in the interest of the country.  This Maharaj is basically out of mind he is not fit to represent people of the country he is just a hardliner like any other hardliner who is good at polarization in the name of religion using sensitive and sentimental issues both anti national and divisive in nature.

He is from RSS and it is RSS which has made to its compulsory it pracharaks to take a vow of celibacy. Indians fist couple Narender Modi and her wife are first violators of this dictate that is issued by BJP MP Sakhsi Maharaj.  All those parcharaks of RSS who did not marry should marry and force their wife’s to give birth to four children will RSS and Modi Govt give such directions to its pracharaks.

Their has been a great amount of reactions to the remarks of Sakshi Maharaj. The Janata Dal (United) took a jibe at the Sangh Parivar and asked its leaders to lead by example. “There should not be any difference in what they say and what they do … all members of the Sangh. It should be mandatory for them to get married and produce four children,” party leader KC Tyagi said.

Uttar Pradesh BJP chief Laxmikant Bajpayee said fresh directions would be issued to the MP not to make controversial statemeMaharaj’s remarks indicate Modi’s restraint order against rabble-rouser MPs had little effect.

Maharaj has also warned that capital punishment would be awarded to those involved in cow slaughter and defended the spate of conversions to Hinduism.  This is one view the Govt of today need to take will it take the advice of their MP. Conversion fear is looming on the saffron leadership they fear the numbers are diminishing due to conversions. Since the time the Ghar Wapsi exercise is made public by VHP the open revolt is seen among many sections of the Hindu community which is class driven ultimatums of lacs converting to Christianity and to Islam are openly seen.

The Congress found a slogan for the next election campaign of the Modi government. Putting a spin on the BJP’s “Ab Ki Baar, Modi Sarkar” slogan, Congress spokesman Abhishek Singhvi said: “Will the BJP contest the next election with an ‘Ab Ki Baar, Bachche Char’ or ‘Make in India Plus 4’ slogan?”

Taking a grim view of the Unnao MP’s statement, Mr. Singhvi said it was clear that the apology he tendered in the Lok Sabha last session for equating Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse with the Father of the Nation was meaningless. “He clearly was not sincere in his apology or retraction as he has once again made an objectionable statement,” he said, adding that what Mr. Maharaj said was also anti-women.

“It shows that Sakshi Maharaj and his fellow-travellers view women as child-bearing structures. Has the government changed the population policy of the country, done it through stealth? Why is the Prime Minister — who has spoken on the most minute, micro issues, from New York to Australia, and from Red Fort to Chhattisgarh — silent? If he has no time to speak, he can at least tweet,” said Mr. Singhvi.

This reminds me of the mathological event in Hinduism the Sakhi Maharaj seems to be be passionately  influenced by the stroy of Princes Druapadi and the help less King Drupada. The question is how can this Maharaj disrespect women and assume her to be a child bearing machine with or with out her will.

I leave with the stroy of Draupadi the Princes and the King Daupada.

King Drupada could not find a suitable groom for his princess Draupadi and arranged a contest (Swayamvar) to find the sharpest shooter of the time. Bachelors from all over contested in a grand ceremony, but it was Arjuna, the master of the bow and arrow  who won it. It is said that he brought the bride home and hollered to his mother Kunti –“Mother, look what I have brought!”. The unassuming Kunti is said to have replied, “Whatever it is, share equally among your brothers!”. Those were the times of going by the words and Draupadi was blessed with not one, but five brave husbands, the Pandavas.

The Humiliation

According to the story, even the five husbands could not protect Draupadi’s honor when she was humiliated in an open court byDushasana, the second of the Kauravas by stripping her saree. Draupadi had to pray to Lord Krishna who provided her with a never-ending drape.

Time Sharing at its Best

The five brothers agreed by consensus to spend time with Draupadi by taking turns, the eldest one, Yudhishtira being the first. Draupadi bore five sons, one from each of her husbands in five consecutive years. Some of the Pandavas were to take in additional women as their wives later, but Draupadi remained the favorite queen

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