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AAP wins moral battle in Delhi – Fresh Elections in Delhi Close to reality.

kajriwal_pic6-650_122213081344But for Aam Aadmi Party Fresh Elections in Delhi would not have been possible. Congratulations to AAP Leadership and to Arvind Kejriwal for being far sighted and defeating the forces that were bent upon taking power from back door by poaching MLA’s both in Congress an AAP. The credit is of MLA’s of AAP they stood by values they are trained for and defeated the ulterior designs of BJP and its Corrupt Leadership.

The stalemate in Delhi is now finally headed towards a resolution as Lieutenant Governor (LG) Najeeb Jung has announced that no party is in a position to form a government, clearly indicating that the National Capital is headed for a fresh assembly election. The LG issued a statement after meeting leaders of BJP, Congress and AAP who have all favoured dissolution of the
current assembly.

possibility is the Delhi Assembly will be dissolved any time and fresh Elections will be a reality. AAP has won the battle of truth and moral rights of the People of Delhi. It is the patience and trust in the process of Democracy that AAP believed and asserted on that BJP and even LG did not get carried away by the pressures he faced from the ruling NDA Govt at Center.

Today AAP is back in to the ring of fight between the politics of Imandari and the Corrupt BJP and Congress

Jai Hind … All AAPians Deserve to congratulate one another and work with zeal to make AAP Victorious in Delhi once again. This time by clear Majority for AAP and a govt that will by a true people’s Govt.

Adil Mohammed

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