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A rare optimism, a mix of fear and happiness – Telangana State Survey. A Remarkable Exercise by any Govt Ever.

download (2)HYDERABAD: Life in Telangana came to a standstill with the state government conducting a massive household survey across the newly-formed state to ascertain comprehensive information on the citizens, an exercise which has attracted criticism from certain quarters.

The State nearly 4 Core  plus population participating with great enthusiasm, this sure is a signal of confidence in the government of TS  than fear like projected in the Media some adversaries of the Govt in the State and in Andhra Pradesh. 

This has greater effect than the General Elections in this exercise specially the poor and eligible s for the schemes of the Govt can not in any circustances afford to miss the survey. People have traveled long distances put their efforts and planned for this day and they are in a mode of happiness and great sense of belonging and security for them selves and their families. 

The “intensive household survey”, being compared with the general elections in size, would cover an estimated 84 lakh families living in Telangana, involving about four lakh government employees, including police personnel and teachers, a press release issued earlier said.

Refuting allegations that the survey is aimed at identifying Seemandhra natives, Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Sunday said that the exercise is intended to ensure that benefits of government schemes reached the targeted sections.

Public transport buses are expected to stay off the roads and government has already declared a holiday on Tuesday.

According to information yesterday, trains, buses and other modes of public transport were full to the brim with people leaving for their native places to get enrolled in the survey covering a dozen districts. Significantly, Telangana natives living in cities like Mumbai, Surat have also been travelling to their home places to participate in the massive process. This makes it important and it is sure a firm effort which got very good publicity and media coverage across nation that prompted all residents of the State of Telangana  not to miss this exercise. 

One can take a pit off on the Govt for failing to ensure the safety of the people who traveled on top of the buses and trains. So far we do not hear of any serious accident of such travelers but the Govt could have taken precaution and deputed more buses exclusively for the purpose by running additional buses.

The reasons for such a large scale impact is due to the fact that the state is newly formed and the Andhra Telangana issue remained a point of concern and no one who is a true State Resident does wished to land in to any confusion of his proof of resident state.  

People rushed to their hometowns in Telangana from Chennai in a train before the state survey there.


According to the “check slip” posted on the website of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), data is sought about the number of family members in a household, water tap connection, property tax assessment, LPG & electricity connections, bank account, Aadhaar card, caste certificate, birth certificate, disability, vehicles and land owned.


The enumerators have already made pre-survey visits to the households in the run up to the survey.


In a media release this evening, the chief minister appealed to the people to make the survey a success. Observing the survey is being conducted for providing welfare schemes to the people and find out what they want, Rao asked citizens to give correct information to the enumerators.

But as the wounds form the division of state are fresh and the amount of mis trust is still alive. The Andhra Pradesh State natives are in a very big numbers in Telangana fear this survey is targeted at isolating the Andraite and depriving them of the State People Welfare Schemes or using this survey to base the nativity with the Re-organization of State in 1956.


Taking exception to certain critical comments made by opposition TDP and BJP regarding the controversial survey, Rao had on Sunday said the parties were raising a false alarm.  

He wanted to make it clear that the intention of the Govt is clear and no one will be targetted as feared, but this process is for checking misappropriations of the past and coming to the right data in order to benifit the poor and the eligible for the govt schemes. 

 “The TRS government wants to be target specific. It (the survey) is aimed at helping the people and the poor,” he had said.

One observation is glaring though each and every private or govt organizations or set ups were asked to down their shutters. It is surprising that when Medical Shops Hospitals, and Essentials were closed. Telangana State witness on 19th of August its Liquor Shops Open doing mega Business with Mega Survey of Telangana State. I am surprised who in the State Govt gave special permission to keep shutters up, Is not Govt embarrassed ?

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