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Ramadan Moon Brings in a Message for Islamic Nation. With a heavy heart and hope for future. Adil Mohammed’s Letter to ” The Mindless Warring People on Planet Earth “

10492537_761191517236711_3027232799235009882_nWishing all a very happy coming of month of spiritual heights, blessings, rewards, month of giving, sharing, praying in searching of mending ourselves to align life’s as wished by our creator and sustained Allah swt the most merciful and benevolent.


We should first thank Allah for giving us one more Ramadan as we live.


Ramadan is sure the best gift for all Muslims form Allah which comes as a opportunity to correct our wrongs and repent and mend them to adopt the rights in our life’s. May Allah give us all the rewards of this month and make us all worthy of his blessings. Amin


As I write I have a heavy heart when I look around the Muslim World and Muslims in General how fragmented and strained are the Umma of Mohammed SAS is today. Mohammed sas our beloved prophet came in this world in his own expressions and hadith ” I have come to correct the morals of the people of the world”


Today the flaw if such pain ful we the Umma that was entrusted the challenge of spreading the word of Allah and message of Peace and Inclusive living and harmony has become the threat to its own people in large parts of the Muslim World feared as a threat to life’s property of innocent people under their protection.


images (2)We were to lead the world in to happiness and prosperity in this world and here after, but by the greed for power and lost Islamic values and ethos playing in the hands of the enemies of mankind and innocent people we have become second fiddles to the ones who wish to rule the minds and the wealth of this planet earth in the name of bettering the balance of power by wars and infliction of divides and conspiracies to which the Muslims have willingly fallen prey to.


Join me all people in this space in focusing in this month of Ramadan to seek forgiveness for our misadventures and crimes to wards mankind and fellow Muslims and Fellow Human Beings.


Irrespective to who they are and what religion and what colour and region they may have belonged, the ones who were innocent were burdened by our shamefully collaborated fault. Thus we sure are guilty in the eyes of Allah.


Time to pray and for pardon and act in direction of mending fences and looking ahead to the invitation of Allah’s message in Quran for peace and harmony.


And differences remain but it does not mean we become blood thirsty of one another. All religions sects and sections are to be respected and not forced with. The duty of a good Muslims is to present right image of Islam by his character deeds and reflections.

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