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Shazia Ilmi resigns from AAP – It saddens me. Rome was not built in a day !


I am saddened by the un timely resignation of Sahzi Ilmi. I agree in any party their will be differences and issues that need to be addressed. Her objections on one side the timing she choice to announce her resignation is very un fortunate. One has to look on the broader issues. While the party is going thru a challenging time with in and with it leader Arvind Kejriwal in remand over parties fight against the corrupt Gadkari. She should have waited and raised this in the presence of Arvind Kejriwal and taken a call only then. How ever parties are evolved in decades AAP is a national entity in just a few months. She was her self in trumental in the success and even the short fails if any as she is the founder member of the party.

Blaming a lack of inner party democracy in Aam Aadmi Party, Shazia Ilmi, one of its founder members, resigned from all party positions on Saturday.


In a press conference on Saturday, Ilmi praised the contribution of the party to the Indian politics but added that its leader Arvind Kejriwal is guided by an inner coterie which do28 Style 38es not allow democracy within the party. Sadly the party talks about democracy all this while, she added.

In another development, party member Captain (retd.) GR Gopinath also quit the party on Saturday.

While resigning from the party Shazia Ilmi said:
– I still have the greatest of respect for Arvind and the numerous volunteers.
– Arvind has shot the messenger, I was consistently sidelined in the party.
– Dharnas and demonstrations were helpful earlier on but now they are not, people dont like it
– I find it amazing that we cannot follow principles of swaraj in our own party
– AAP did a lot to change national political discourse,but it lacked inner party democracy
– Feel sad in saying that I am resigning from AAP
– I will not be joining any other party
– I still have the greatest of respect for Arvind and the numerous volunteers
– I raised questions on ticket distribution in the party (AAP) and the roles given to different leaders
– I feel the party (AAP) is not moving in a good direction, I see no hope. I hope my departure makes them introspect

Ilmi said she was not the alone in the party who felt marginalized but she was the first to speak out.

Perhaps referring to Kejriwal’s continuous attacks on RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani and Gujarat industrialist Gautam Adani, Ilmi said it was not necessary in the present context to keep attacking certain corporate houses and political leaders.

Referring to Kejriwal’s decision to stay in jail instead of apllying for a bail bond, Ilmi said she feels that Kejriwal should go out to people and interact with the party cadre instead.

She clarified that she was not upset with her defeat in Ghaziabad at the hands of former Army chief General (retd.) VK Singh.

“AAP needs to reinvent itself. It needs to change its strategy. The party has made several mistakes,” she had told the media a day earlier.

Reacting to Shazia’s decision, former AAP member Ashwini Upadhaya had said soon no one will be left in AAP except for Kejriwal, Sisodia, Yogendra Yadav, Sanjay Singh and their sycophants.

According to sources, Ilmi had conveyed her displeasure to the top brass, but her complaints were not addressed.

The AAP leader had managed a lowly fifth place with just 89,147 votes. The voices of dissent are growing in the AAP, with even volunteers demanding resignation of the top brass. At a meeting on Friday, a group of volunteers raised posters asking for resignation of some leaders.

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