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“AAP is party of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Budhists” Raj Mohan Gandhi AAP East Delhi MP Candidate.


On 26 th of March it was a happening day since I joined AAP to support drive against corruption and bring clean people in politics. Fighting Communal ism and work towards equality justice and hope for all citizens. Fighting to erase the divides between the religions and castes in India. Ram Mohan Gandhi of AAP poll meeting was scheduled for lat evening in Okhala. I was fortunate to get invited by the seniors in AAP to address side by side with Stalwarts like Ram Mohan Gandhi ji and Prashant Bhuhan ji.

My first ever public speech in my carrier that began with invitation to AAP by Arvind Kejriwal ji couple of weak back in Delhi… Watch this short talk of RMG and get inspired how important it is to fight communal ism and defeat people like Modi and uphold unity among all Indians.



The East Delhi Lok Sabha seat is a deciding parliamentary constituency in the political ambiance of the country, as it has had some 1546412_251131708396177_219890359_nof the important MPs in the seat, who have determined the politics of India to a considerable extent. Its present MP is Sandeep Dikshit, the son of former Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit.


List of candidates of East Delhi constituency for 2014

candidates from the East Delhi Constituency in the Delhi General (Lok Sabha) Elections 2014.

East Delhi, Constituency No -(3)
Election Date 10/04/2014
Result Date 16/05/2014

Political Party Candidate Name
AAP Raj Mohan Gandhi
BJP Mahesh Giri
INC Sandeep Dixit

Residents of Okhla, particularly academicians and students of Jamia Millia Islamia, are warmly welcoming scholar and pacifist Rajmohan Gandhi, as the Aam Aadmi Party candidate from the East Delhi constituency has a clean track record and is the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.

The enthusiastic response to his gathering here over the weekend seems to suggest that Mr. Gandhi has succeeded in forging a bond with the voters of Okhla, which has a high density of Muslim population.

Wearing a khadi kurta, reminding the voters of his illustrious grandfather, and white Gandhi cap of the AAP, Mr. Gandhi is now generally being seen by the electorate as a panacea for the ills plaguing the area, which includes congested places like the Jamia Nagar where residents live cheek by jowl and roads are difficult for motorists to navigate.

As anguished residents of Jamia Nagar, Abul Fazal Enclave and Shaheen Bagh narrated their woes of not getting potable water and deteriorating living conditions, Mr. Gandhi, who has plunged into the heat and dust of elections in a constituency which covers both sides of the Yamuna, gave them a patient hearing.

Later, he shook hands with quite a few of them before promising to do his best to solve their problems.

Faisal, a local shopkeeper, said Mr. Gandhi is not a rabble-rousing politician who says one thing but does entirely the opposite. “At Okhla we have a number of educated people, particularly professors and teachers, who are happy to have an academician in their midst. The Congress has been promising us a number of things but it has not done anything to make life comfortable for residents of Okhla, particularly those living in unauthorised colonies.”

And as for the 6’ 1” tall scholar-turned-prospective MP’s walk, one local said: “His long strides and brisk walk reminds me of Bapu.”

Later, speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Gandhi was candid enough to admit that he does not have a magic wand to solve all problems that have clearly multiplied due to neglect by the Delhi Government and the Municipal Corporations, but he would do his level best.

“If I am elected, I would put pressure on the Delhi Government and also the municipal corporations to provide basic amenities, particularly water. So many water pipes are passing through Okhla but still the residents have to purchase water. The municipal corporation has been ruled by the BJP and at the Centre and in Delhi, the Congress has been ruling.”

Mr. Gandhi, who has had six interactive meetings at Okhla since he filed his nomination papers from the District Election Office at Shastri Nagar here on Thursday, said lack of educational institutions and hospitals were also a cause for worry.

Mr. Gandhi said in the Assembly elections, the AAP did not get support of the majority of electorate but this time round he exuded confidence that the party will come up with a thumping majority.

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