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India refuses to shun Caste and Religion based politics in 2014 Elections. Corruption and Governance Still On Side lines.

indexThe battle to defeat Corruption, Communalism and Castism is core area of AAP to fight. The roots of these evils are so deep battle for their eradication may run in to decades still. But if the people take it serious evisl that have put our social, economic and natioanl integration on hold then we can expect results fast.

You must be thinking why I am putting the three C’s in one category.  You will agree with me the three C’s are inter linked. All the play ers in Indian politics are off shoots of these three C’s. All are corrupt, all are in some form or the other caste based or are in influece of castes while calculating the dynamics of win and loss.

The face of the PM candidate for BJP who represents a hard core Hindu  Majoritism idea has converted this elections in to a deeper divide with in the Hindu community too. He is banking on the backward card and appeasing voters flagging his caste to polarize voters. Congress has historically has represented the upper caste SC ST Dalits  and Minorities  It failure to be maintain balance and take each of them  along isolated Congress and forced many of the sections in Hindus and even Muslims and Christians to shift loyalties.

Thus emergence of Socialists in the seventies who came with a bang to bring change and represent the face of socialism and justice to the dip rived and the culture of reforms and caste and community protection thru politics began. Mulayam’s, Lalu’s, Nitish’s and Mayawati’s surfaced even faces from Ram Manohar Loia Movement are resultant  of such discrimination and failure by the main ruling party of that time Congress.

to be continued….



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