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Arvind Kejriwal dared Modi for Open Debate on Gujarat Development.


Highlights of Arvind Kejriwal public meeting in Banaras Varanasi the temple city and city of rich heritage and history.

1. Congress, BJP keeps calling me a ‘bhagoda’. Lord Ram sent to exile by his mother for 14 years. Everyone supported him then. If BJP existed then, they would’ve said God Ram is a ‘bhagoda’.

2. Gujarat has no Opposition. That is why Modi has been winning for three consecutive terms. Not because of development, people in Gujarat have no alternative.

3. Why do I want to contest from Varanasi, it is because at a time when leaders look for safe seats to fight elections, I take them on to defeat them

4. These are both armies, one named UPA and another named NDA. While Rahul Gandhi is the ‘shahenshah’ (emperor) of the UPA, Modi is the same for NDA. If you defeat both Rahul and Modi, then these armies will automatically be crushed

5. I invite Modi here for a debate. I want him to come here and have a debate in the open

6. Modi doesn’t speak to anyone, comes by helicopters, holds a rally and leaves by helicopter. He has to come here and talk to the people of this country


7. Has BJP ever show black flags to Sonia, Rahul Gandhi, Kapil Sibal, Salman Khurshid? Has the Congress ever shown black flags to Narendra Modi, Nitin Gadkari, BS Yeddyurappa? Never! Do we need more proof that the Congress, the BJP are hand in glove with each other?

8. I want to tell the farmers in Varanasi please don’t vote for Narendra Modi. If you vote for Modi, you won’t be able to retain your land and will be forced to commit suicide


9. Congress, BJP both want to bring in FDI, then what is the difference between these two parties?

10. Modi has told me I’m not married, I don’t have a family. Then why will I want to earn money? Why will I want to dwell in corruption? It’s wrong to say and believe that our families influence us to do something wrong and become corrupt.

Elections in Varanasi will pull all  attention a defeat of Modi in Varanasi will put him in to a dark spot he would be dumped and will not be accepted as PM ‘s candidate even  if  BJP  manages to scrape in numbers that may project it as one of the contenders to form Govt post elections after 16th of May 2014 once the results are out.

Varanasi has been a strong hold for BJP it had its senior leader Murli Manohar Joshi winning from this temple city repeatedly. The irony is BJP  leadership and the state governments and the center has neglected this part of UP like  all other parts of UP. Nothing is right in Varanasi, Electricity comes only for twelve hours a day, roads are totally neglected one gets an impression neither the MCH nor the Govt has any interest in even filling the pot holes.

A ride from the Mogal Saraiye Railway Station to the City of Temples and Rich Heritage and monumental structures of great tourism value give an impression of entering a zone of great neglect. I was told the corpora tors of BJP are corrupt and the MCH is just in office to loot.


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