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“AAP ka Saath Sirf AAP Key Saath”. 50000 AAP Supporters Attended Varanasi Meet.



Over 50000 strong supporters of AAP blessed AAP Leader Kejriwal Victory over BJP’s PM Candidate Modi.  Some sold out  Media Electronic Meida and Print played Second fiddle to BJP and their Corporate Masters, by  doing false propaganda by saying the  attendance was small.  In fact the two three tainted TV national media channels who have lost credibility walked out in the midst of the speech of Arvind Kejriwal just when Arvind started exposing the nexus between Mukesh Ambani, Narender Modi’s BJP and Rahul Gandhi’s Congress. Will the media houses who failed to do the religious duty of being fair and just in their duty as journalist and responsible media.


In a free country like ours where their is freedom of speech and freedom for press the sections of press media are degrading them selves to shameful levels as responsible journalists and media houses. The time the elections is in for a battle not just against the corrupt and communal BJP and Corrupt Congress but we have a new enemy to fight too the Media and the greedy Corrupt and bent on looting the common man the likes of Muskesh Ambani in Corporate world.



AAP is a volcano that has disturbed the peace of BJP and Congress. this time it will be none of them it will be the common man who will punish these anit people corrupt brigade of four.

This time Jhadoo Phiregi is Chukdi par.   Corrupt BJP, Congress, Corp-orates and  Media. Husal Buland Hai Jeed Kejriwal Ki Hogi. AAP ka Saath Sirf AAP Ke Saath.


Nation wide these channels are facing peoples back lash the TRP’s of these channels sure will go down and they will be finding it hard to get buyers for their add spaces soon.  The nexus  which Arvind Kejriwal is speaking about between the Media, Mukesh Anbani and Narender Modi family of false propagandist is proving beyond doubt is true.  The people of India 1.23 core are watching the Milli-Bhagat of this Chupal of BJP Congress Mukesh and Media.  MMBC Cartle on way to kill freedom of speech and fair journalism and partners in loot of the national wealth has a short life end of the tunnel they are driving in is close they will have no place go soon. Wait for 16th May when the verdict of LS Polls will be out.

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