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Confident Ashutosh Files Nominations from Chandni Chowk – Adil Mohammed wishes him Victory.

 iAshutosh_360Aam Aadmi Party candidate Ashutosh Srivastava today filed his nomination papers from Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha constituency.

After filing his nomination papers, Ashutosh, a journalist turned politician, said that AAP was going to win all seven Lok Sabha seats in the national capital.

Asked if he was confident of winning despite prominent leaders like Harsh Vardhan and Kapil Sibal contesting elections from the same seat, he only said “both leaders are prominent, but they were (not now)”.

Ashutosh also rejected the concept of a Modi wave in the country. “I don’t think that Modi’s wave is everywhere in the country. BJP had also seen such wave in 2004, but what happened at that time you know very well,” he said.

Ashutosh alleged that social media and opinion polls are being manipulated to create a wave in favour of a particular person, adding that there should be probe into such allegations to find out who are behind this.

“Our dream is to make country corruption-free. I am very confident that I will win elections from Chandni Chowk,” he added.

AAP Leader Arvind Kejriwal and his teams choice to pitch Asotosh from Chandni Chowki shows how confidant the party is to field Ashotsh a confident clean face of the Indian Media who last Tuesday while addressing  a meeting in Delhi said  he is contesting elections of LS he does not have even the money permitted by the EC 70 lac he said  he does not even have 40 lac to contest but he is. As he is confident and the battle is to bring change and people want to see clean and purposeful leader ship.

I joined the party on Tues day to live up to the values and the pledge to serve the people of the nation as sincere citizen who cares for the  people and wishes to set thing right by right form of politics. I wish Ashotosh  victory in Chandni Chowk.



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