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Arvind Kejriwal welcomes Adil Mohammed to Aaam Aadmi Party.

1982173_10201899737277119_425669205_n (1)  18th of March 2014 – New Delhi Aiwane Galib – Road May for Indian Muslims.

Today at the Raod Map for Indian Muslims Arvind Kejriwal JI the leader of AAP did induct your friend Adil Mohammed to be part of the movement for Social and political change in nation which is threatened by the corrupt and communal politics of India

I pray to Allah to guide me and to strengthen me in the areas I may need greater courage and greater wisdom and metal to stand for justice, equality, rights, and opportunity for each citizen of Indian, and expectations of the party that has put faith in me to a support and value to the mission and movement to bring peoples rule in true sense with in the parameters of the constitution of Inda and the right values and traditions of this great nation for which our fore fathers have given life’s and sacrificed so much to make this a real nation that will rejuvenate it self for making it a place for equal for all.

Who we are and which faith and which caste and religion we belong, which language and which region we come from will not be critaioria but we are Indians and Citizens of India.

The request was made by well wishers and party seniors and cadre at Galib Academy Delhi today at the Road Map for Indian Muslims event that was attended by galaxy of AAP leaders in the presence of jam packed Gathering of Delhi people from all sections of society and media.

It all happened in a days time, I am a man who will not compromise on the power of my pen and my freedom of speech. And will definitely contribute and strengthen the party that is with out doubt is the party of the future and if not now very soon Inshallah I would like to see Arvind Kejriwal as the Prime Minister of India.

Nation today needs bold decisions, I had many reservations and you all know I have penned in my blog when ever it need to pin point the mistakes of AAP and have been fair in generously appreciating the Leadership of AAP and its leader Arvind Kejriwal since the time he he is in public life fighting battle eradicating corruption and taking forward movement of right to people.

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