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Arvind Kejriwal to meet Muslim Leaders and Intellectuals on 18th March in Delhi.

Kejriwal Extends Hand for Support to Muslims of India. Can he be fully trusted - let us be optimistic for now.

Kejriwal Extends Hand for Support to Muslims of India. Can he be fully trusted –  should we be optimistic, will he help these questions will be answered on this blog soon. AMB

A Muslims Intellectual group to meet leader of Aam Aadmi Party in New Delhi among the list of the intellectuals, Social Activist, Media Personalities and Leaders of Muslims from across India is short listed and they are invited by Arvind Kejriwal for a meeting for formulation for demands and structuring the issues that need to be part of the manifesto that Aam Aadmi Parfty with which the party will be going to contest the coming elections in April May 2014.

Among the prominent figures in the list a few, though all who will be attending the meeting are surly prominent. Yet to list a few Dr. Zafar Mahmood of Zakat Foundation, S Y Quraishi former C E Commissioner, Fazal Gafoor MES Calicut, Abida Inamdar Azam Complex, Adil Mohammed Social Activist, Blogger from Media, Shafique Mohajir Senior Advocate, Kamal Farooqui and Abdul Majeed Pareikh. The full list is posted below\.

S.No: Salutation Name Occupation/Subject Address
1 Mr. Shafique Mahajir Legal Expert Hyderabad
2 Mr. Zameer Pasha Economic Al- Ameen,  Bangalore
3 Dr. Fazal Gafoor Education MES, Calicut
4 Dr. Sana Ullah Health KIMS, Trivandrum
5 Dr. Shabita Gaffoor Girls Education Kashmir/Delhi
6 Mr. Nayeem ur Rahman Education Chennai
7 Mr. Abdul Majeed Parekh Social Issue Nagpur
8 Dr. Riaz Siddique Health Indore
9 Mr. M.A Qadeer M.A Mannan, Education Bidar, Karnataka
10 Mr. Syed Mazher Hussain Social Issue COVA, Hyderabad
11 Mr. Arshad Ayub Cricketer HCA, Hyderabad
12 Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Social Issue Engineer, Hyderabad
13 Dr. M. Farooq Lokhande Education Mumbai
14 Mr. Wahid chauhan Girls Education Ragisthan/Mumbai
15 Mr. Ilyas Gaffar Political Builder, Mumbai
16 Ms Ayesha Rubina Women Empowerment Genesis, Hyderabad
17 Mr. Nizamuddin Farooqui Political Markez, Hyderabad
18 Dr. Asma Zehra Women Empowerment Salamah, Hyderabad
19 Mr. M. Rasheeduddin Khan IAS, Social Patna Bihar/Delhi
20 Mr. Syed Khasim IPS, Police Hyderabad
21 Prof. S.I Hasnain Representation Delhi
22 Prof. M.M Ansari Education C/C-Delhi
23 Mr. M.W Ansari IPS, Education MAEF, Delhi
24 Mr. S.Y Qureshi Ext. CEC Delhi
25 Dr. Salman Asad Education Scholar Delhi
26 Dr. Rehan Suri Employment JMI, Delhi
27 Mr. S.M. Hadi Economic/ Social Delhi
28 Mr. Kamal Faruqui Secretary/Education Delhi
29 Mr. Shabi Ahmed Minority Affairs/Haj Delhi
30 Mr. Zafar Mohammed Sachar Committee Delhi
31 Mr. Faheem Siddiqui MAEF Aligarh
32 Prof. Saud Alam Social Aligarh
33 Mr. Ather Hussain Political Lucknow
34 Mr. Syed Maqbool Ali Social Bhubneshwar, Odissa
35 Dr. Mushtaq Ali Education Calicut, Odissa
36 Mr. Mohammed Yusha Social Bhubneshwar, Odissa
37 Mr. Haji Mon Mohammed Education Mukkam, Kerala
38 Mr. Ifayat Shah Education Chennai
39 Mr. Dawood Miyan Political Chennai
40 Mr. K.M Arif Social Mumbai
41 Mr. Taj M Khan Education Mysore
42 Mr. Mahboob ul Haq Education Guwahati, Assam
43 Mr. Gautam Ml Umar Education Delhi
44 Mr. Munawar Peerbhoy Education Pune
45 Ms P. Abida Inamdar Education Pune
46 Mr. M. Adil Political Hyderabad
47 Mr. M.A Majeed Political Warangal
48 Mr. Khalid Rasool Khan Political Hyderabad

The team has worked hard on formulating demands and issues that are neglected by the governments in the past. Much is being said and promised since independence to the Muslims of India the Muslims would not like this meeting to be one like in the past with various govts. Their is a air of optimism among the AAP party members and the Muslims of India their will be a sincere and committed time bond approach to this matter and the support of the Muslims to any party should come with a concrete road may not just promises in the past.

Hope the meeting will turn out to be one in right direction which will help in making the points that are most essential and deter mental for growth and a just measures will taken to make things good which other wise look not so encouraging even after deacades of loyalty to a set of political class of the nation. .

I will keep you posted from Delhi on the details of the meeting and how it shapes. Adil Mohammed Reach ngo, Social Activist and Blogger.

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