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It is official “TRS will not have alliance with Congress in Telananga” What complied KCR to break merge promise ?

images (1)NEW DELHI: TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao on Saturday categorically declared that his party Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) will not have any electoral alliance with the Congress in upcoming elections in Telangana.

Earlier, amid indications of a strain in ties between the Congress and the TRS with regard to an electoral alliance, Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh said his party was prepared to contest all the seats in Telangana.

Congress leader attacked KCR by saying in a press meet in Hyderabad at Meet the Press organised by the Press Club of Hyderabad. “Before the Telangana Bill was passed, Chandrasekhar Rao saab (TRS president) had given a statement consistently that once the Telangana is delivered, we shall merge the TRS with the Congress. But then they have gone back on that. As far as we are concerned, we are prepared for any eventuality and we are going ahead to fight all the 119 (assembly) seats and all the 17 seats of Parliament,” he said.

Singh, in charge of Congress affairs in Andhra Pradesh, said he did speak to (TRS leader) Keshav Rao, who promised to see him in Delhi, but that did not materialize. Obviously TRS leader ship must have put  their feet down and restrained Keshav Rao from meeting the Congres leader.

The tussle between Congress and TRS is one of gauge strengths and weakness in the post poll status of the regional party TRS that is no doubt is instrumental in bigger way in making new state a reality. But it goes with out saying that but for Congress and its political strategy this would not have been possible. It was easy for Congress to skip the bifurcation for the next Govt to take up. But it wanted to gain by taking the credit for formation of new state.

“There is a committee headed by AK Antony in AICC which is looking into the issue of alliances. If we get a concrete proposal from the TRS for fighting the next assembly and Parliament elections in alliance, we shall examine it,” Digvijay  said.

KCR him self and his family is on record giving full credit to the leader of UPA Sonia Gandhi for making Telangana a reality. The loyalty did not show sign of slowing down even after the bill was passed in LS.  What has changed so quick, immediately after landing from Dlehi and addressing the victory rally KCR dumped the idea of merger. So far it was understandable, but not to go with a seat sharing alliance and fight elections on one platform as allies is to be understood.

The dynamics of politics transforming in the nation and the sate is crucial for the new sate of Telangana. TRS does not like to be on the losing side possibilities of Congress not getting numbers to head the Govt at the center are becoming evident from the trends that show in the nation.

But what is the option then for KCR and TRS if it wants and rightly so to be on the side of the power to keep the state in main stream of power sharing and become the legitimate claim for the funds and resource and political assets for at least ten long years to live up to the expectation and promises made to the people of the region on the change that will bring boom, opportunity and massive development and fruits of bifurcation can be tasted. But  at what cost.

The Congress party is a master of odds though the skills have weakened a  lot in recent times, where the Congress leader ship and party heads are not able to bring the development and achievements to the people and have the ground responsive to the party. The hard work and heavy political master plans are not getting translated in the votes not public opinion improving on the performance and sincerity of the party. But I feel the move of TRS not to alley with the Congress will be a costly game and a issue of great risk for TRS.

Keeping distance from Congress and playing politics of distance keeping from Congress which is definitely is the party with out which Telangana would not be a reality is a risk for TRS.

KCR is working on mathematics of vote banks,  likes to take the vote of Minorities, the dalits, the BJP soft Cadre and the TDP loyalist for State of Telangana. And once he has numbers, post poll he wants to dump them all and go to BJP and NDA.  This will back fire as the people are smart this situation may well work in favour of Congress and the Minorities and rest, i feel the people are not dump to buy this this idea.

Fear is KCR and TRS may be up for a shock and lose the popular votes and the votes that make the difference to win elections.  Telangana leaders are keeping distance from both Congress and BJP today, but they sure have intentions to side with the ruling alliance once the elections results are out. But it this not a big gamble for TRS,  when its own leader KCR termed  formation of Telangana is soul due to interest and single-handed efforts of Sonia Gandhi.

Anger over not merging with Congress  that amounts to deceive is among bothering Congress cadre and its followers it will give a moral advantage to Congress over TRS that might make things difficult for TRS.  Unless it decides to change its mind and side with Congress to at least fight the elections together.   TRS by not going with Congress has also hinted he may have few under hand deals to give few seats to BJP  by fielding weak candidates.

MIM and Left need to look in this perspective their relation with TRS, Telangana is reality is the good news, but the vote share of the majority Hindu secular s and the Minorities may plan a back lash on KCR as they smell foul play in maneuvers of TRs.

(With inputs from PTI)

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