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Rahul Gandhi Compare Modi to Hitler.

04rahilBALASINOR, GUJARAT: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday launched a blistering attack on BJP’s PM nominee Narendra Modi on his home turf by comparing him with Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and also accused his government of “stealing” farmers’ land at the behest of corporates.

Rahul also made light of Modi’s recent statement that he would protect the country’s treasury as a ‘chowkidar’ (watchman) from corruption, saying that there was no need of such a watchman.

Alleging that BJP has no ideology of its own and that is why it want to usurp the legacy of Sardar Patel by building a huge statue, Rahul guaranteed that his party will never follow any RSS or BJP leaders.

“There are two kinds of leaders. The first type like Gandhiji belongs to those who go among people, have some ideology and believe in the knowledge of people. He goes to them, asks them and learns from them. The thinking of this kind of leader is that it is the people who are repository of knowledge. Such a leader wants to understand people and has no pride,” Rahul said addressing a rally in Balasinor town of Kheda district.

“Then there is another kind of leader, whose best example is perhaps Hitler. Hitler thought there was no need to go to people. He believed entire knowledge of the world is only in his mind. That kind of leader only talks that he did this and that. That leader does not require to go to people,” he said without naming anybody.

“That is what my effort has been. I want to listen to you, understand you,” he said, adding that he tried to follow Mahatma Gandhi.

In reply to Modi’s statement that he will protect country’s treasury as a chowkidar (watchman) from corruption, Rahul said that today people say that make me a chowkidar, I will eradicate corruption.

“Britishers had come calling themselves chowkidar, but Congress made them run away (gave freedom). We do not need one chowkidar, we want to make every citizen of this country a chowkidar,” the Congress leader said.

“What kind of chowkidari (guarding) is happening in Gujarat? Lakhs of acres of land are being taken away from the farmers and being given to industrialists. When farmers say something, their voice is ignored,” he said.

“Is stealing the land of farmers chowkidari? This is called theft and not chowkidari,” Gandhi pointed out, while addressing the rally in Balasinor, the first destination of his tour.

Rahul also attacked Modi for keeping corrupt ministers in his government.

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