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New State of Telangana a Beginning of Hope and Opportunity for All. Muslims have a greater role to play in state building.



New State of Telangana a Beginning of Hope and Oppertunity for All. Passing of Telangana Bill in Rajaya Sahba today is more of a procedure and part of the process and soon the bill will get the seal of the President of India and Telangana will be officially declared a state is carved from state of Andhra Pradesh. A moment to rejoice and honor the innocent youth who gave their life\’s for Telangana.


They are martyrs of new State of Telangana. It goes with out saying that the TRS Chief who did come under great pressure and was under fire for delay and hand in glove politics with the Congress. But ultimately the nerves testing battle with the Andhra rich political and business lobby is over powered by the Congress, TRS, BJP, Jamat e Islami Hind, Welfare Party of India, Several Social and Religious bodies from Muslims, Hindus and Christians, the Telanagana Employees Associations, The Osmainia University Students Union, and TJAC leaders are winners of this battle of nerves. Now that the State is about to the formed, the first and the foremost priority of the all the people of New State of Telangana which has made total circle in just over 55 years and is back with the origin of the great Nizam Sates Culturally, Educationally, Socially rich districts of Nizam State.


Though the state is not in total the Nizam State as many of the districts of Nizam State re merged with Karnataka and Maharastra in the un fateful reorganization done of the state on linguistic basis by the then PM Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru. The wrongs Congress Leader Pundit Nehru Corrected by his grad daughter in law Sonia Gandhi in a smarter manner.


The move of Congress and the manner in which the division of the sate is engineered sure demanded nerves, political skills, and a very large heart and courage to risk political fortunes of Congress in the state. The onus is on the all people form all sections of the society and colors and faiths and communities and castes to stand holding hands as one people and work for a Telangana that will be a model of oppertunity, justice and euqlatiy as in times in the past under Nizam and as was dreamed by our fore fathers.


We all need to pledge Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians to work together and un do the injustice done to the people of the region by the occupiers of the region the Andhraits. And prove to the nation and more particularly the Andhra people that it was they who have stopped the growth and spoiled the region and siphoned its wealth. Now is the time to work hard, with harmony and unity for prosperous feature of our children and make this state a home of peace and prosperity for even the people from rest of India.


The business should flow in, the education should flood in, the health should better in the hope should live in. The Muslim community has a greater role to play with a inclusive growth plan for the community and its youth, and complimenting support and service to all sections of the state of Telagnana. Hope will sure live in and oppertunity will ozze in. Adil Mohammed Congatualtions. Jai Telangana.

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